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Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon returns and how Ecom Circles can help you!

Selling on Amazon’s marketplace is a great way to grow your business. But increasingly in today’s customer-oriented environment, buyers expect the return process to be just as fast and smooth as the buying process. Because of this, for FBM Sellers, Amazon requires that you, the seller, provide an address on file so that Amazon can generate return labels back to your address. Likewise, for FBA sellers, you have to have a return address on file for removal orders unless you want the items to be destroyed instead. In either case, getting returns sent back to your residence is sometimes not practical or helpful. In this Complete Guide to Amazon returns, you’ll discover important details regarding Amazon’s returns process for sellers, how it affects you as a marketplace seller, the many types of refunds, and information about services that can help you manage returns effectively.

What is the Amazon Seller Return Policy

If you are shipping your items via FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant), you will also need to allow for all orders to be returned to you or an address of your choosing. Amazon typically allows returns for at least 30 days according to their Seller-Fulfillment Returns documentation (requires Seller Central Login to view). Amazon requires sellers to take 1 of 2 actions. Either reimburse the customer for the cost of the item without requiring a return or give the customer a pre-paid label so that they can quickly and easily return the item. In some cases, Amazon may still grant return exemptions (requires Seller Central Login). If you are selling via FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), then from time to time you will have items which become damaged, expired, or returned which then need to be either discarded or returned to an address that you specify.


Amazon Returns for Sellers

Amazon’s marketplace has become more and more popular to customers thanks to increasing numbers of marketplace sellers that sell goods on the Amazon platform. However, there are two main categories in which Amazon sellers sometimes struggle. Return and refund policies, which can vary depending on the type of seller. If you’re a third-party Amazon seller or want to become one, the following tutorial details how item returns function on Amazon’s platform. You will also learn how these returns vary based on different types of sellers.

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FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Returns

For FBA orders, Amazon controls order fulfillment, customer support, and customer returns as aspects of the FBA program. FBA returns are subject to the regular 30-day returns policy. However the FBA program comes with its limitations. Amazon may provide reimbursement or returnless reimbursement to the consumer for FBA returns. If the product is returned, it’ll be inspected to see whether it may be resold. The item will simply be added back to your FBA stock if it is determined to be sellable. Amazon will determine who is responsible for the damages if the item seems to be damaged or faulty in some manner. You could be entitled to compensation if Amazon caused damage to the goods. The following are some explanations for why a returned item can be deemed unsellable in accordance with the FBA client returns policy:

  • The product isn’t in the same state as when it was first advertised.
  • It has a flaw, is harmed, has been opened, lacks the necessary labeling, is illegal, or is otherwise inappropriate.
  • The item could provide a risk to the health or safety of those handling or receiving it. Commodities, products for personal care, and things with expiration dates are just a few examples of these items, but they are not the only ones.

Within 30 days after their delivery at the fulfillment facility, third-party sellers must remove any products labeled as faulty or customer damaged from their inventory. This removal can happen either by telling Amazon to discard the items or through a removal order which gets sent back to you the seller (or somewhere of your choosing).


FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) Returns

If you are one of the numerous third-party sellers selling FBM, returned goods are sent directly to you rather than an Amazon fulfillment facility. As stated above, Amazon requires that you have an address on file. This allows them to automatically generate return labels for their customers to an address you specify. If you have your own warehouse, then setting up your return address to be your warehouse address is typically your best bet since you likely already have staff available to receive, restock, and send out the returned items. However, if you are one of the thousands of sellers who does not have your own warehouse, there are a few third-party logistics companies like Ecom Circles, who can help you manage the returns process with ease from start to finish.

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Common Seller Issues with Amazon’s Return Policy

In years past, Amazon did not require sellers to have an address on file. Whenever a return was opened by a customer, Amazon gave the seller the option to upload a label of their choice for the buyer to use for shipping back the item. This worked well in most cases and gave FBM sellers a lot of flexibility since they could use different addresses for different items. However, in many cases, this also caused logistics issues because there were not strict limits in place for how long a seller could take to give the customer a return. In many cases, sellers would upload a non-prepaid label or simply forget to upload anything at all. Such a scenario could last a week, a month, or a year, resulting in customers not being able to return their items efficiently and not getting their refund. Amazon realized this issue and chose to start generating labels automatically based on the return address that a seller has on file with Amazon. For Amazon, this provided a solution to their customers’ problems because every customer can now get a return label instantly without having to wait. However, for some FBM sellers, this new policy created an array of issues since now all returns have to go to a single address.

Particular, this created issues for dropshippers, who don’t hold inventory at their residence or in their own, controlled warehouses. They often have many suppliers each with one or more warehouses of their own. Under the previous policy, a dropshipper could easily upload a label for each specific order so that it could be sent back to the proper supplier. Since that is no longer the case, dropshippers must comply with Amazon’s policies and have all returns received at a single location. Issues arise for smaller businesses who handle inventory on their own as well. Receiving multiple returns back to your office or home can be chaotic – particularly if you plan to scale your business or particularly during the holidays. Neighbors also may not appreciate the carrier trucks dumping dozens of products on your doorstep every day either! The good news is, with the right digital solutions, the process can become much simpler and easier for your business. You can simply outsource your returns! Ecom Circles returns management services can help you keep your inventory organized and make the entire returns process a breeze.


Ecom Circles Amazon Returns Management

For FBM Sellers and Dropshippers Ecom Circles makes offloading your returns a very easy and smooth process. Once the return label is generated on Amazon, your customer’s items will get shipped to one the Ecom Circles warehouse that you selected. We will receive such items on your behalf. Once we receive them, you simply login and tell us what to do with them.We can either ship it back to you or the supplier if you think you can get a refund. If you don’t want to return it, you can just mark that the items are being discarded or disposed of and we’ll take care of it! For FBA Sellers We also offer this same service for FBA Sellers who want a warehouse to handle their removal orders for them. We can receive the items, inspect them, and then ship them back in for FBA, or we can just keep the items in our warehouse and fulfill your future orders with them.  

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Ecom Circles Amazon 3rd Party Sellers Return Service

Getting started with Ecom Circles is quick and easy. You can get started in just a few steps: Register for a free account at https://app.ecomcircles.com/register/ Our software is easy to use and it is currently offered for free to sellers who only need help with their Returns. Just visit the link above to get started! Once you have your account set up and you are logged in, just click the Amazon logo button to connect your Amazon account to Ecom Circles.


 Next, after you have connect your Amazon Seller Central account, go the Warehouse tab and choose one of our warehouses to handle your returns. We have multiple warehouses across the United States for you to choose from. No matter which one you select, they all function the same way.

Once you choose a warehouse, we provide the address and a suite number to use so that the warehouse can identify which packages belong to you. All you need to do is copy and paste our address into Amazon, and we’ll handle the rest. As soon as a return is opened, Ecom Circles will automatically pull that return into our software via the programmatic connection we have with Amazon Seller Central. (This is done through Amazon’s SP-API connection for you techies out there). All of your returns will show up on the Returns page so you can clearly see the SKU, item name, inbound tracking number, and the return reason as given by the buyer through Amazon. We also show you the status of the inbound tracking so you can see whether the buyer ever ships it and if the item successfully makes it to the warehouse. As soon as our warehouse receives it, we can verify the item is actually what was supposed to be returned so that you are not defrauded by your buyers. Once it’s marked as received, you then have the option to discard it, have it re-listed to Amazon or another marketplace for FBM or to have us ship the item into Amazon FBA for you.

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Why Choose Ecom Circles?

Our clients want a simple return service that can receive their returns and manage the post-purchase returns process for them. But Ecom Circles goes above and beyond that. Our warehouses are not only for returns. You can use our warehouses for actually storing returned items for a small fee if they want to fulfill future orders with returned items. We’ll even ship the future order fulfillments for you! Or if you want to dispose of the item, we can handle that as well.

Ecom Circles Amazon Returns Management:
Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

At Ecom, we currently charge $3 per returned order.. There is currently no monthly fee if you are only using Ecom Circles for returns.

What happens to my returns?

As we returns are initiated, you can see them on the Returns page of Ecom Circles. From there, you can take any of the following actions:
  • Upload a return label for us to ship the item back to your supplier
  • Request disposal of the item
  • Re-list it through Ecom Circles for FBM fulfillment (fulfillment is charged at an additional $2 for outbounding the return)
  • Store the item at our warehouse until some later time (charged $0.65/item/week)
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