10 Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

Embarking on an eCommerce journey on Amazon can feel like stepping into a world filled with endless opportunities.

The online retail giant offers sellers an expansive international market, minimal marketing costs, and most importantly, access to its huge customer base. Many sellers have found that they can generate significantly more sales on Amazon than through other channels.

However, the biggest challenge lies not in deciding to sell on Amazon, but rather in choosing what to sell.

The success of your Amazon business is, to a large extent, determined by your product choices. Therefore, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

While it might be tempting to go with your gut or sell products that appeal to you personally, the most successful sellers typically base their decisions on hard data.

So how do you find the best products to sell on Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program? The answer lies in diligent research.

Delving into the niches or categories that encompass Amazon’s highest-selling products can provide valuable insights into what might earn you maximum profit. These lucrative items are often referred to as the ‘best-selling products.’

In this post, we will unveil the top 10 best products to sell on Amazon FBA, guiding you through the process of product selection and helping you make the most informed decision for your eCommerce venture.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

When discussing the best products to sell on Amazon FBA, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should sell these specific products. Your final call will depend on multiple factors, for example, competition, demand in the markets you sell, your specific business situation, and so on.

A big part of knowing how to research products is to understand important criteria. Below are key areas you need to pay attention to before you settle on a product.

  • Demand – A product with high demand is more likely to sell. You can gauge demand by looking at the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) in product listings and by using keyword research tools to identify what customers are searching for on Amazon. The Best Selling Rank is an indication of how well a product sells. Note that best-selling products have lower BSR numbers.
  • Competition – While high-demand products are desirable, they can also attract lots of competition. It’s essential to choose a product where you have a realistic chance of ranking well. You can assess the competition by looking at the number of reviews on competing products and their quality. You can also assess competition by checking the number of products that appear when you enter the item as a keyword into Amazon’s search bar. The lower number of listings means less competition.
  • Profit Margin – Choose products that allow for a healthy profit margin after factoring in the cost of goods sold (COGS), Amazon’s fees, shipping and handling costs, and any advertising or marketing expenses.
  • Regulations and Restrictions – Some products are restricted or require approval to sell on Amazon. Ensure that your chosen product is not on Amazon’s restricted products list.
  • Existing product reviews – e.g. the number of reviews could indicate how often a product has been purchased or how long a product/listing has been up. A small number of reviews that are in the 4-5 star range could mean that that product is emerging as a top seller (there’s potential and likely little competition).
  • Seasonality – Another factor you must look into, determine the seasonality of different products and look for viable, evergreen, and seasonal products to sell on Amazon.

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Top 10 Products to Sell on Amazon FBA in 2023

Deciding what the best products to sell on Amazon FBA can be a bit subjective because it can vary depending on various factors like your business model, budget, competition, etc.

However, some types of products generally perform well on Amazon. Here are some categories of products that have traditionally done well:

1. Electronics


Electronics is one of the most profitable and best products to sell on Amazon FBA according to historical sales data, the profit margins are above average which makes it the most popular category.

Another selling feature is that electronics attract low shipping fees to save you money on shipping costs. Electronic products have high consistent demand, which means you can build a sustainable customer demand.

Some of the best-selling products in this category are home entertainment, batteries, TVs, speakers, home audio, earphones, cameras, accessories, and more.

Long story short, electronics is one of the best-selling categories on Amazon automated store for small businesses that want to sell on Amazon.

2. Pet supplies

pet supplies

If you choose pet supplies as your niche you will be targetting 67% of the customer base of America. This 67% translates to about 85 million pet owners! It’s a huge market keeping in mind most households have more than one pet.

In this category, you can sell a huge range of products. Popular examples include pet food, treats, holsters, nail grinders, car seats, collars, apparel, beds, and the list goes on and on.

Pet supply is a popular category for Amazon sellers looking for a niche market. At the same time, you can diversify your portfolio to cater to a more generalized audience.§

3. Home & Kitchen

home and kitchen

Next on the list of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA is home and kitchen appliances.

Generally speaking, we spend a lot of time at home. We desire to make our homes as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

Unless we go back to living in caves, products in the home and kitchen category will remain some of the best items to sell on Amazon Marketplace.

Home and kitchen is quite the popular product category with Amazon shoppers and sellers alike.

4. Games, toys, and puzzles

games and toys

I guess everyone will agree that games and puzzles are a new-found amusement for all of us since COVID, but we still make time for them after work. And for kids too of course. That’s good news for parents and better news for Amazon sellers.

Games and toys are always in high demand. This is good news for sellers interested in this niche.

There is stiff competition in this field, but you can still realize a good ROI since there are so many categories to choose from.

5. Books


Did you come this down on this article to find one with low competition? Well, here’s one for you.

You can sell somebody else’s book on Amazon just like other bookstores on the platform, or write yours. If you don’t know how to write, hire a ghostwriter. Good examples of books that sell well on Amazon include recipes, baby books, children’s stories, and technical guides in your area of expertise.

There are many categories from which to choose, and an inelastic demand so nothing should hold you back. And the fun fact is, Amazon also started from books, and look where they are right now.

6. Fitness


Fitness has become more important than ever before, thus this category has seen a vast increase in popularity.

Like every other category, it’s very crucial to pay attention to little details in your product descriptions if you’re trying to ace this category, targeting the right keywords.

It’s also important to show the product in use through your images. It typically includes products associated with indoor and outdoor sports and fitness attires.

7. Smart Storage

smart storage

Smart storage is becoming a trend on social media. People are looking for modern and creative ways to clean, declutter, and store their stuff.

You may look into storage bins, closet organizers, and fridge organizers.

You can then use the marketing side of your business to reach the targetted customers and show them all the fun ways to use those storage products in their lives.

8. Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

clothing and shoes

Perhaps, this is the category with the feistiest competition. You may attract the customer base that’s looking for trendy and modern ways to look stylish at a reasonable price.

So of course, Amazon can help satisfy their demand in the best way possible. But here’s the catch – this category has the largest number of returns, mainly because of a wrong size or expectation vs. reality mismatch.

Still, there is always a solution to every problem, you can look for tips and tricks to reduce the number of returns, refunds, and negative reviews.

9. Beauty and Personal Care Products

Beauty and personal care product

Amazon also offers a lot of beauty and personal care solutions. Still, there is a category of exceptionally trendy goods. These are natural, eco-friendly, non-GMO, and vegan care products that come in recyclable packaging.

Offer your customers something powered by natural ingredients only to meet the trend of taking care of yourself with sustainable beauty solutions.

10. Baby and Toddler

baby products

Baby items are also on the list of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA.

After all, parents would love to shop for baby products for their little ones.

There is a wide variety of baby products to choose from, which include bibs, blankets, garments, and toys.


The trend of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA may change regularly but there’s no fool-proof recipe for getting it right every time. However, the criteria for deciding what to sell on the platform remain the same.

Offering products of value of course must be your #1 priority but then prioritizing to offer unique, budget-friendly products with minimal competition is the key to success on Amazon.

Considering that Amazon is a highly competitive platform so it’s smart to ensure you’re truly able to offer something of value. Additionally, enhancing your selling strategies using advanced tools like Amazon Dropshipping Software for sellers can significantly streamline your operations, making your Amazon journey more efficient and profitable.



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