Keepa for Walmart – Walmart Price History

The key to success on any platform as a seller is to figure out what data to pay attention to and how to better use it. Some of the most important data points for making good buying decisions are sales rank (the rank of that item on the platform where they are selling) and the historical price and stock information (so that they can get an idea of how the product performs over time).

Keepa or other tools like CamelCamelCamel or Rainforest are tools for tracking the history of nearly every Amazon item’s price and sales rank and which make that data easily available to anyone who needs it. Amazon has already built one which tracks the history of every Amazon item’s price and sales rank.  Unfortunately, nothing great like this exists for Walmart, and so we’re building it! We hope to achieve something similar to Amazon, where we could have data about millions of products listed on

Similar to Keepa, this new tool will show you the Walmart Price History and sales rank on Walmart so you can make informed decisions about your business.

The tool will have a Graph that shows all the information about a product from which the sellers can benefit. Using the Chrome extension, the sellers will have that information automatically load on the product page for every item they view on Walmart.

What will this Keepa-like extension for Walmart do?

The use-cases are numerous! From beginners who are selling their first product to experienced sellers selling hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, there are plenty of ways you’ll be able to use this tool to help you grow your business such as…

  • Determine the average sales rank for almost any item on Walmart
  • Evaluate Walmart price history and stability
  • Search for the top products or seller storefronts by category
  • Create extensive lists of products and sellers
  • Evaluate the competition for any product and how aggressively the competition should be effect pricing the product
  • Help the sellers identify new suppliers for wholesale
  • Get insights into a product’s peak selling times during a year, sales drops, or sales spikes.

The tool is not quite done yet, but fortunately you can sign up here for the list to become a beta tester as soon as it’s ready!

Go and sign up for the wait list now!

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