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A comprehensive Walmart Marketplace Management Package That Gives You The Financial Freedom You Desire!

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A Comprehensive, White Glove Walmart Automation Service

If you want the financial freedom that owning a successful Walmart Marketplace store can give you, but do not have the experience or time to start from scratch, let Ecom Circles take the lead with our White Glove Walmart Marketplace management service.

From approval, to product selection, to store set-up, back-end team, 24/7 client service center, analytics, we manage the complete experience. Our innovative and transparent approach to Walmart Marketplace automation makes you our partner as well as our client.

What sets us apart from everyone else is simple:

  • Our stores outperform every other agency we’ve seen – getting clients faster returns on their money and into an automated income stream.
  • As one one of the oldest sellers on Walmart having sold over $5m of products, we are invested in the Walmart ecosystem ourselves and are constantly innovating because we have skin in the game.
  • We have built and now run the software which has been used by over 1000 sellers to manage their storefronts, and we are networked with over 2500 store owners and experts to gain insights and knowledge to which very little people ever get access.
  • Instead of pitching you off to some “team” once the sale is made like most agencies, we have an unparalleled Client Success Program with Agents who offer white glove services to each and every client to proactively keep you informed about your store every step of the way.

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Our Walmart Marketplace Management Services Include

Walmart Store and Account Approval

Your first shot is your best shot in the application process. Partner with us from the start, and get up and running as fast as possible.

Setup and Website

We handle everything you need for a successful application from creating a professionally designed website through to setting up all of the other necessary accounts.

Product Listing Management

We research and list items to your Walmart Seller Center marketplace account to maximize sales and profits, and we can do it both quickly and at scale!

Product and Stock Management

Our proprietary software monitors stock and prices to help minimize issues and losses. We automatically remove out-of-stock items.

Marketplace Consulting

We identify ways to increase your ratings, improve customer experience and maximize conversions.

Product Fulfillment

Our teams and systems monitor our client accounts 24/7, waiting for sales. We quickly fulfill the orders and track the process for you from start to finish.

Account Metrics and Policy Monitoring

We constantly monitor policy changes and account metrics to ensure that your store remains in good standing.

Grow and Scale

We aim to grow stores to where YOU are making at least $5k/mo. in your pocket – or more if you have the financial resources. We help our clients get their faster than anyone else.

Why Set Up a Walmart Marketplace Store?

Third-party sellers have always flocked to Amazon to sell their products alongside quality brands and to gain instant worldwide exposure. With opening up their Walmart Marketplace  to those same online sellers, there is now an opportunity to establish a first-mover advantage as both marketplaces compete for primacy.

Since its inception in 2009, Walmart Marketplace has seen steady, and lately, exponential growth of sellers, with over 100k sellers as of July 2011. As the number of sellers has increased, the number of product categories has also expanded, with everything from electronics to fashion to automotive. Many sellers are now finding this a more profitable and less competitive sales channel than Amazon.

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Why Use Walmart Marketplace to Sell Your Products?

Like most sellers or entrepreneurs, you are probably already busy, and maybe you feel that there are just not enough hours in the day to deal with one more thing. The learning curve, the different rules and the new systems can seem overwhelming.

But on the other hand, you probably realize that is now the second-largest platform for third-party sellers. It also boasts a much more favorable buyer-to-seller ratio, which translates into more sales for the smaller seller.

So let us help you. We will not only manage your new Walmart Marketplace store, we will manage the entire onboarding process for you, from successful completion of the application process, to optimization of your product listings, to store launch.

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The Keys to Your Walmart Marketplace Success Include

Top Ecommerce Professionals

Our full-time team is located worldwide, and are top prefessionals in all ecommerce channels, including Amazon, Walmart  Marketplace, and other marketplace platforms.

Dedicated Personal Account Manager

From the very first day, you have a dedicated, experienced manager that knows your business as well as you do, keeps on top of your data and analytics and is there for you 24/7.

ROI in Months, not Years

We’re not the cheapest, we’re the best. Yes we have a large start-up fee because we are very selective about our clients. We do not accept everyone into our program like other agencies who dicker and deal and then take you 4 years to make you an ROI. Instead, we charge a fair price, we move fast, and we “win” for our clients. We are this confident in our ability to ensure your success.

Automated (Well... at least "automated" for you!)

There is really no such thing as an “automated” storefront, but our team members work tirelessly to make it feel automated for you. The truth is that it takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge to grow a successful marketplace store. But now that you’re here, you don’t have to worry about that because we do.

Before You Schedule a Call, Please Watch This Short Case Study Video to Make Sure This is the Money-Making Program For You.. Then Schedule the Call Below

Before You Schedule a Call, Please Watch This Short Case Study Video to Make Sure This is the Money-Making Program For You - Then Schedule Below

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