Top Walmart Product Ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day gift ideas

As Father’s Day inches closer on the calendar, businesses gear up for one of the most significant shopping holidays of the year.

It’s a day when families across the globe celebrate the fathers and father figures in their lives by showering them with gifts and appreciation. And for retailers, especially those on the Walmart marketplace, it presents an unrivaled opportunity to cater to this surge in demand.

This period is one where consumer spending spikes, making it one of the important dates for retail businesses. Selecting the right products to sell can mean the difference between record-breaking sales and a disappointing day.

So, as we look forward to Father’s Day 2024, it’s crucial to keep a pulse on the latest product trends to ensure your offerings align with consumer demand.

Without further ado, let’s explore the top products you can sell on Walmart for this upcoming Father’s Day, equipping your business with the insights needed to maximize your sales during this festive period.

6 Walmart Product Ideas for Father’s Day 2023

Our process to get you the top Walmart product idea for Father’s Day is simple.

First, we scoured the internet to find a listicle of top Father’s Day product ideas. Next, we did research to find profitable products amongst these, based on demand, price, and competition.

Finally, we curate them into a comprehensive list that shares our thoughts on why these products might make you decent profits.

Here are some of the sources we consulted:

That being said, here are six(6) Walmart Father’s Day product ideas you should consider:

1.  Minimalist Credit Card Holder

Minimalist card holder

As a Walmart seller seeking an optimal product for Father’s Day, the minimalist credit card holder makes a compelling choice. This product perfectly aligns with the growing consumer preference for sleek, practical, and durable items that offer both function and style.

Its compact design, which allows for easy storage of essential cards and IDs, is a major selling point. It eliminates the bulk of traditional wallets, making it an appealing option for the on-the-go, contemporary father.

All these factors make the slim minimalist credit card holder a promising addition to your Father’s Day product range on Walmart. Not only does it have the potential to drive sales, but it also aligns with current market trends and customer preferences.

One thing you need to note about selling this product is to source from suppliers that provide quality premium quality and durability. Customers are generally skeptical about leather products online because usually, the look and feel of the product is not as advertised.

So if you want to list this product, ensure you are not sourcing one that is shoddy in construction with crappy leather.

A quick look at Alibaba and Aliexpress puts the average price of this product in the $2 – $3 range, with extremely low prices at $0.99 and extremely high prices at $7.

And on Walmart, the average price for this same product is at $14.99 with low prices at $9.99 and high prices at $17.99.

Say you source this item for $2.99 a piece and you list it for $14.99, you will be making an ROI of about 210%, which translates to $6.30. This calculation accounts for WFS fees and uses an average weight of 0.0625 lb for the item.

You can use our WFS calculator to get this calculation.

Walmart product ideas fathers day - Minimalist card holder

You can take inspiration from this Slim Minimalist For Unisex Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder Front Pocket Pouch. From our research, it only has one seller selling the item at the moment.

2. Best Dad Mug/Tumbler

Best Dad Mug

This Walmart product idea presents a classic yet effective product idea for Father’s Day on Walmart. This product taps into the tradition of gifting sentimental items on special occasions.

Customers love to express their feelings and convey their appreciation through such heartfelt messages, making this product an easy choice for many. Given the personal and emotional value of these products, they are often well-received, leading to positive reviews and customer satisfaction.

One product that stood out to us in our research is this Father’s Day Faux Leather Wrap Tumbler.

Its leather embroidering makes it a perfect gift for fathers. Plus, its demand is through the roof, with over 500 purchases in just one day.

You should be able to source this item for $4.00 at most from a supplier. Selling it at $13.98, which is the price point quite for this product, will give you a profit of about $3.

Walmart product ideas fathers day - world's best dad mug

That’s a decent cut, and you’re guaranteed to sell a lot this period.

3. Rechargeable Electric Shavers

Electric shaver

Selling a Rechargeable  Electric Shaver on Walmart for Father’s Day capitalizes on practicality and convenience, something highly valued by many fathers.

This device addresses a daily need, making it a gift that’s not just thoughtful, but also highly usable. Plus, it is a trendy product at the moment as evident in the data we got from Google Trends

Google trends - electric shavers

If you notice from the image above, the keyword “electric shavers at Walmart” piques around festive periods starting from Father’s Day of 2022.

We also see the same trend around other holiday seasons such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. We see the same trend repeating itself this Father’s Day period as well.

If you want to sell an electric shaver, we advise you to sell one with a combination of wet and dry functionality like this Philips Norelco Shaver 7500, Rechargeable Wet & Dry Electric Shaver.

It offers flexibility, catering to different shaving preferences, hence appealing to a wider customer base.

4. Cordless Power Tools

Cordless power drill

Cordless power tools make an excellent Father’s Day product idea to sell on Walmart as they cater to the do-it-yourself demographic, which includes many fathers.

These tools provide the ability to tackle household projects and repairs without the restriction of cords, offering versatility and convenience.

Additionally, their popularity continues to grow with advances in battery technology, offering increased power and longer run times. Thus, cordless power tools not only make practical gifts but also align with current market trends, increasing their potential for successful sales.

Though this particular item is sold by Walmart, which we do not advise you to go in direct competition with, you can list an equally powerful cordless drill on your store and you will get a slice of the customer pie.

5. Outdoor Grills and Accessories

BBQ grill set

BBQ Outdoor Grills and Accessories serve as an excellent choice for Father’s Day product sales on Walmart. Many fathers take pride in their grilling skills, making these items a perfect gift that combines utility with enjoyment.

Additionally, Father’s Day falls in the summer, a time when families are initiating summer outdoor activities including barbecuing.

This seasonal relevance, combined with the personal interest many fathers have in grilling, makes these items a potentially lucrative addition to your Father’s Day product lineup.

The average cost of a stainless BBQ grill set is about $27.20 on Walmart with low prices of around $16.49 and prices on the high end close to $40.

Let’s assume you want to sell a BBQ grill that costs about $16.49. You can always get a BBQ tool set for as low as $5.00 from suppliers like Alibaba.

Walmart product ideas fathers day - BBQ grill accessories

Plug that into our WFS calculator as your cost price you get an ROI of 79%, which is not a bad investment at all.

6. Top Dad T-Shirt

top dad tshirt

Top Dad branded t-shirts can make an excellent Father’s Day product to sell on Walmart.

These shirts offer a personalized touch and express appreciation, making them a popular choice for children looking for a thoughtful yet straightforward gift for their fathers.

Plus, apparel is a consistently strong category in retail, and thematic shirts like this resonate well during specific holidays like Father’s Day. The emotional connection and the universal fit of t-shirts can potentially result in high sales volume.

If you are into online arbitrage, you will appreciate this product because it gives room to make money off arbitrage.

You can source Top Dad t-shirts from online stores like Bargain Bows for as low as $9.99 (XL) and sell on Walmart for $21.99, as shown in this Walmart listing.

As it is shown in that listing, the item is sold by Walmart at that price point. If you decide to lower your item price by $1 and sell at $20.90, you’ll still get a profit margin of $3.82

Walmart product ideas fathers day - Top Dad tshirt

Final Word

As we wrap up our tour through the most promising Father’s Day products to feature in your Walmart store, note that the ideal offering is a blend of practicality, personal interest, and sentiment. The items we’ve highlighted present opportunities for excellent sales and satisfied customers.

Remember to do your product research using tools like the Ecom Circles Extension and WFS Calculator so you are always making an informed decision.

Delve into the marketplace, get your inventory ready, and make this Father’s Day a memorable event for fathers and a profitable season for your business. Until next time, here’s to your success on the Walmart marketplace!



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