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The best way for Amazon sellers to simplify and optimize their automation business operations. Improve efficiency and maximize profits with our advanced software and services.

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Simplify Your Work with Amazon Automation Business Service

Take the hassle out of your Amazon store. We take care of the boring, everyday tasks so you can focus on growing your business. Upfront investment, simple help that works for you. Earn five figures or more in monthly profit!

Our Process for Launching Automated Stores

1. Set Up Your Storefront

We can help you start a new store or get back on Amazon. We'll help you establish an LLC, get an EIN, and set up a W9.

2. Manage Your Amazon Store

Our experts handle orders, inventory, and fulfillment with our warehouse.

3. Increase Sales

We study competitors, offer unlimited listings, and use strategies to win the "Buy Box" for 5-15% profit.

Our Amazon Store Automation Services Include

Product Listing Management

We research great-selling items and work with suppliers to get inventory and items listed in your account.

Product and Stock Management

Our proprietary software monitors stock and prices across the inventory through Amazon automation.

Order Management

Our team and system watch for new orders and send them to suppliers promptly to fulfill customer orders efficiently in your automated Amazon store.

Account Monitoring

Our team monitors the store account for issues such as policy violations and A-Z claims to maintain its health.

Customer Service

We assist customers via email and phone, resolving issues and ensuring their satisfaction.

Growth and Scale

Over time, we will work with you to scale and increase growth continuously on your Amazon seller account.

We Monitor Your Inventory and Sales with Our Automation Tools

We optimize your processes to boost sales. Our team of Amazon seller specialists handles listings, orders, product sourcing, and inventory management. We utilize top-notch Amazon automation tools to keep your store running smoothly 24/7. 


Enhance Your Store Management with Our Automation Software

We use the best tech, like the Ecom Circles automated dropshipping software and our own FBA method to run your Amazon automated store. Our process uses unmarked boxes and valid tracking to keep your store safe and compliant. We keep track of your stock and prices to help you avoid issues and save money.

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We Handle Your Sales for Maximum Efficiency

Our agency uses Amazon automation tools to make order processing and shipping faster and easier, improving customer satisfaction. Improve your store’s efficiency and watch your sales grow. Trust our expertise for effortless operations and happier customers.

Cancel Anytime!

Our Amazon automation agency has no long-term contracts and no large cancellation fees. Our pricing is also flexible.

EcomCircles gives you the tools you need to grow a massive dropshipping business online

through the power of automation

The Keys to Your Amazon Store Success Include

Top Ecommerce Professionals

Our global team excels in all e-commerce channels, such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

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Flexible, Affordable Pricing

Our service is $1,500 a month, with no long-term commitment, unlike competitors who charge as much as $50,000 upfront.

Automated for You

We make running an automated store feel easy, handling the hard work so you can focus on growing your business.

Trusted Network

Over 1000 sellers have used our software, and we network with over 2500 store owners and experts for top insights.

Our Pricing Plans

2-Step Dropshipping $5000 Start Up

Wholesale FBA $7500 Start Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Amazon Automation Services?

Amazon automation services manage your Amazon store, handling product sourcing, listings, inventory, orders, customer service, and returns. They use automation tools to scale your business while you earn.

Why Should I Trust Your Company For Storefront Automation?

We are dedicated to growing your ecommerce business with advanced automation tools. Pay monthly with no huge upfront costs and cancel anytime. Your success is our priority.

What's the Onboarding Process Like? How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Call us, discuss SKUs and inventory, get a quote, and plug into our software. We handle listings, shipping labels, and order fulfillment.

What Are Other Costs Associated With Amazon Automation?

Other service costs for 2-step dropshipping include: warehouse fees for returns, storage, and handling. Other service costs for FBA include fees for prepping items for shipment into Amazon, Amazon FBA fees, short and long term storage fees, and possibly advertising costs if needed to help items move more quickly. All such fees are reported in your monthly reports.

Is Amazon Automation Legit?

Yes, reputable Amazon automation agencies follow Amazon’s rules. Beware of providers making unrealistic promises. Ecom Circles ensure compliance and offer top-notch services.

How Do I Track My Sales and Inventory With An Automation Service?

Our automation tools show your sales and inventory in real time. You can check everything in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Are There Any Hidden Fees In Amazon Automation?

There are no hidden fees, just clear and upfront costs. You always know what you’re paying for.

What ROI Do Your Stores Get and What is the Margin on Your Products?

We are a service provider which provides various services related to managing an Amazon store but as such we cannot and will not provide any guarantee of ROI, Margin, revenue, or income since we cannot control Amazon, buyers, demand for products, other outside forces, etc. While we stand by the quality of our services, we are providing just that – a service.