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Walmart upc lookup extension

What is Walmart UPC Lookup Extension?

Walmart UPC lookup is just one of the many features located inside of the EcomCircles Chrome Extension. This extension was built for Walmart Marketplace Sellers to make product research easier and faster. Unfortunately, without such a tool as our UPC lookup, Walmart makes it difficult to obtain the UPC code even though they make it mandatory when listing an item to the Walmart Marketplace.

In addition to the product upc code lookup, this tool also provides several helpful shortcuts to Walmart product research for Walmart sellers. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the other features built into both the free version and the paid version of this tool.

The selling features of the Ecom Circles Extension are listed below. If you want to skip the features and just install the extension to start looking up UPCs, you can do that here

Ecom Circles extension tool

Showing Walmart UPC on Walmart Product Pages

The EC Extension displays Walmart UPC codes on the product page for nearly every product on automatically. You no longer have to hunt for it in the page code.

This means sellers can now quickly and easily research Walmart products in half the time to find product features, product category, and other information for a list of products.

The UPC codes were extracted from Walmart itself, so they are the EXACT UPC codes used by the Walmart listings, and you as a seller can easily copy/paste it to Seller Center while listing that product. Awesome, right?


See the Attributes along with UPC on Product Page

The Tool not only shows the UPC against the Walmart Item ID but other attributes such as the Product ID and a quick link to search Amazon for this item. The paid versions will also show all variation combinations and give users the ability to easily download this table if needed.

What we display on the Product page:

  • Product ID – This is the Walmart internal ID number.

  • Item ID – This is the Item ID used for the US Walmart marketplace (or MX Walmart marketplace or CA Walmart marketplace). Some may refer to this as the “Walmart SKU” but better terminology is “Item ID.”

  • UPC – The Universal Product Code (UPC) of the product from Walmart itself. Sometimes the UPC number is referred to as the barcode number since it is also the number that’s on the barcode of most products on the shelves at any retail store.
    Please note that not all Walmart products have a UPC that Walmart makes available. This is a known issue with Walmart. We also link to Amazon so you can find the product there easily.

  • Attributes – If a product has variations, we show the information for each of the Variation so you don’t have to check each one individually. We show the variation attributes in the table so you know which UPC and Walmart Item ID matches with which variation of the product

    1. Date range to filter by time period
    2. Walmart Price (if their offer exists)
    3. 3rd Party Price (Lowest)
    4. 3rd Party (WFS) (Lowest)Price History Graph – Similar to Keepa or CamelCamelCamel, this tool shows the historic price on Walmart. This feature includes
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Why Get Walmart UPC Lookup Extension?

You have to have a Walmart UPC to list products on the Walmart marketplace which are already listed on the marketplace. Without a UPC code, sellers cannot list their products on Walmart unless they apply for a UPC exemption, and the exemption will likely not be granted if the item is already listed with a UPC code on Walmart. While Walmart used to show the UPC code for the product in the HTML markup of the site, they have removed it for many products which makes it harder to find.

Therefore, the key benefit of using the Ecom Circles extension is that it saves you time by showing the Walmart UPC code right on the item pages for nearly every product on Rather than manually searching for Walmart UPC codes, which can be time-consuming and require a lot of research, you can use the extension to quickly and easily obtain the correct code for their product. This can save you a lot of time and effort, and ensure that your listings are accurate and optimized for the Walmart marketplace.

Another benefit of using a Walmart UPC code Chrome extension is that it can help you to avoid listing errors or mistakes. If you list a product with the wrong UPC code, it can lead to confusion or miscommunication with buyers, which can result in negative reviews or lost sales. This happens all the time, especially with items that have multiple quantity (ex. case pack of 4) where sellers sometimes have used the same UPC for the multi-pack as they did for the single item.

By using the accurate UPC code extension, you can ensure that your listings are correct and that buyers can easily find and purchase your products.

Walmart UPC Lookup Pricing

So how much is it? You can get started with the Ecom Circles Basic plan for only $27/mo!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look up a Walmart UPC code?

You can download this free chrome extension to show the UPC codes while browsing Just install it, register, and the UPC codes will show up whenever you are searching on Walmart or viewing an individual product page.

What is included in the free version of the Walmart UPC extension?

The free version includes these features:

  • View the UPC codes for any Walmart product that has one (there are some that don't). (Free version has limited lookups)
  • View the category and rank information on search or category pages for both Amazon and Walmart
  • Show product attribute data (limited lookups in free version)
  • Amazon FBA Calculator
  • Walmart WFS Calculator
  • Free Revenue Dashboard

Do you have every Walmart UPC code in your UPC database?

Walmart UPCs are not available for 100% of products because Walmart allows some items to have a UPC exemption. This means that the product gets listed to Walmart without a UPC code and therefore one is not available. If you wish to list items which are UPC exempted, you will need to contact Walmart Seller Center support for assistance.

Is a barcode lookup the same as a UPC lookup?

Essentially yes. The UPC numbers are usually are typically displayed as a bar code so that it can be easily scanned by inventory scanning systems. When scanned, the black lines of a barcode reflects the UPC numbers.

Does this tool tell me the Walmart SKU of any item?

Yes. In addition to showing the UPC barcode, our extension also shows the Walmart Item ID and the Product ID. You could consider any of these 3 numbers the Walmart SKU number.

What other features are in the paid version of the extension?

The paid version includes::

  • Filter the products search results page by rank, number of sellers, or the type of seller (works on Amazon and Walmart)
  • Show Keepa graphs on Amazon products
  • Show Price history graphs on Walmart products (from our own database)
  • Show the type of sellers and whether or not Walmart/Amazon is on the listing on search and category pages
  • Whether a brand or product is restricted for Walmart Marketplace Sellers or if it is at risk for Intellectual Property, Copyright, or Trademark infringement claims by the brand (Walmart only)
  • Link to the Amazon product from the Walmart page and vice versa (coming soon!)

How do I install the extension?

Setting up the extensions is super easy; just follow these three steps, and you'll have the extension installed and ready to go.

  1. Download and install the extension (Watch this video for help in installing the extension).
  2. Complete your registration. You will be directed to finish your registration for Ecom Circles
  3. Go to and start searching!

What does UPC code stand for in Walmart?

UPC stands for Universal Product Code and is a unique number that is assigned to a product to track it through inventory systems. Walmart requires marketplace sellers to have the UPC code in order to list a product on their marketplace.

Does your extension work on or

We are actively working on making data available for these alternate Walmart marketplaces as well. When we are done, we will support both of these marketplaces in the paid version of the extension only.

Will you make a barcode scanner for Walmart so I can quickly lookup products?

We are always open to building tools and features that our users want. We would encourage you to join our Facebook group and let us know which tools or features you want to see next!