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Increase your profits on Amazon with our easy-to-use advanced seller tool Chrome extension. A tool that provides all the information you need to make the best business decision!

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Start Making Smarter Sales Decisions with Ecom Circles Extension

Our Chrome extension for Amazon helps with product research, setting prices, and understanding selling costs. Get UPC codes, ASIN details, and other key data on your product page. Quickly see info and filter out products sold by Amazon, those with many sellers, or under a specific best seller rank.

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Getting Started with Amazon Chrome Extension for Sellers

Download the Extension

Go to the Chrome Web Store or click the buttons below to find EC Seller Tools. Click “Add to Chrome” and “Add extension” in the pop-up.
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Login or Sign Up

Once the extension is installed, log in with your EC Seller Tools account. If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free trial.

Access Product Data

Use the extension while browsing Amazon. It will show you important data like price history.


Use Advanced Features

Take advantage of features like keyword insights, market trends, and the FBA calculator to make smart, data-driven decisions for your Amazon business.

Compatible with Amazon

Our Amazon sellers Chrome extension lets you do product research and price comparisons on both platforms. Use it to gather important information and make better business decisions.

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Stay Informed With Useful Product Information

The Ecom Circles extension for Amazon sellers shows product details when you hover over images. It also displays important stats like FBA, FBM, item rank, and prices after fees. Use it to find low-competition items and shape your business strategy effectively.

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Access UPC Codes With Ease

The Ecom Circles extension pulls UPC data on Amazon automatically, so you don’t have to look for it. It shows this info on product, category, and search pages, making your research easier. If a product doesn’t have a UPC code, it finds it from other sources like Amazon accurately.

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Identify Your Profit Potential with an In-Built Profit Calculator

Optimize your e-commerce profits with the Ecom Circles Amazon Seller Extension’s built-in calculator. It shows your potential profit and ROI instantly, helping you decide which products to sell for maximum profit on Amazon.

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Get Keepa Graphs and Price History Data

Track product prices and monitor trends with the Ecom Circles Amazon extension for sellers. Access Keepa graphs for Amazon price history and similar graphs, helping you make data-driven decisions in both marketplaces.

The Best Chrome Extension For Researching Profitable Products!

Free Extension Plan

$ 0 Monthly
  • Show UPC on Product Pages (5/day)
  • Show UPC, Item ID/ASIN, and Attribute Data for Variations (5/day)
  • View product rank on Amazon and Walmart search and category pages
  • View number of sellers on Amazon and Walmart search and category pages
  • Hover over product image to view useful product details
  • See product 'Sold By' info in Amazon and Walmart pages
  • FBA & WFS Calculators
  • View Price w/o Fees

Ecom Circles Basic

$ 27 Monthly
  • Everything in the Free Plan
  • Show UPC on Product Pages (Unlimited!)
  • Show UPC, Item ID/ASIN, and Attribute Data for Variations (Unlimited!)
  • Filter search and category pages by seller type and/or ranking
  • Hazmat Checker (requires Amazon API connection to seller account)
  • Restriction Checker (requires Amazon API connection to seller account)
  • Access to the Ecom Circles Dashboard to track sales and profits

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ecom Circles Extension help with profit margins?

The built-in profit calculator analyzes costs, selling prices, and fees to give you an accurate view of your profit margins.

Can the extension identify product restrictions?

Yes, it shows warnings about problematic and restricted products to help you avoid listing issues.

Does the Amazon Seller Extension provide monthly sales estimates?

Yes, it offers estimates on monthly sales to help you gauge product demand and make informed decisions.

What kind of product research data does the extension offer?

It provides data on FBA, FBM, and WFS sellers, item ranks, prices after fees, and price history to aid in thorough product research.

Is the extension compatible with both Amazon?

Yes, the Ecom Circles extension works with both platforms, allowing comprehensive product research and analysis.

Can the extension show UPC codes?

Yes, it automatically finds and shows UPC codes on Amazon  product pages.