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Ah, so you’ve started your own business researching products to resell on Amazon, Walmart, and potentially other marketplaces. Welcome to the eCommerce game!

You know that little square of information you see underneath the product on the Amazon product page? That’s what DS Amazon Quick View and Ecom Circles extension try to make more accessible. These Chrome extensions may be able to help you with your research.

Specifically, DS Amazon Quick View provides a few features that can help you determine if a product is worth selling or not. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at DS Amazon Quick View’s features. We will also look at its extended version with additional graphs from Keepa, and compare it to the Ecom Circles extension.

We can already tell you that the Ecom Circles extension has some BIG perks in comparison to DS Amazon Quick View chrome extension (but we’ll get more into that later).

For starters, though, you can sign up for Ecom Circles’s 14-day trial. A beta version is currently available which allows you to provide feedback. This can help the developers make the extension more up-to-date on all the exciting features to ensure a smooth and productive dropshipping experience for you.

Keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about the DS Amazon Quick View, including its features, advantages, and drawbacks.

What is DS Amazon Quick View?

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DS Amazon Quick View is a Chrome extension that provides product data and graphs from Amazon on any page you’re browsing. It’s useful for those who are looking to dropship (which is what the DS in DS Amazon Quick View stands for), as it allows sellers to quickly assess whether an item might be worth reselling or not.

DS Amazon Quick View's Features

The DS Amazon Quick View has several key features, which we’ll look at here one by one. Here’s a list of features on how to use DS Amazon Quick View.

  • Bulk Product Checker: You can search multiple ASINs all at once, so you don’t have to go through each individual product. This saves time since the software automatically checks if a product is available and how much it costs on different marketplaces.
  • Sales Rank Tracker: Amazon’s Quick View allows you to track the sales rank of multiple ASINs over time. This way, you can easily see how each product is performing and whether it’s worth selling or not.
  • Price History Graphs: Quick View also includes functionality that shows price history graphs for each item listed on Amazon. With this feature, sellers can get an idea of which products have been selling well in the past, as well as spot any potential trends in pricing that might be worth looking into further.

Is DS Amazon Quick View Free?

DS Amazon Quick View is available for free on the Chrome Web Store. However, it also has an “extended” version that provides additional features such as Keepa Graphs and more. This version costs a one-time fee of $25.

The extended version offers more features than the basic one and gives you access to additional insights into your research.

The DS Amazon Quick View extended version includes all of the features of the basic version plus a few additional ones. These are designed to help you get even more information on products before deciding whether or not to sell them. The extended version of DS Amazon Quick View also includes:

  • The ability to use all Amazon domains, including international marketplaces, giving you access to more data and insights.
  • The listings’ pricing history to help determine which products have been selling well over time.
  • Interactive Keepa graphs, providing insights on pricing, availability, and more.
  • The lowest FBA offers data, helping you more accurately determine if an item is worth selling.
  • Suppressed Buy Box data, helping you spot any discrepancies in pricing.
  • Filter and sort by Amazon listings, BSR, price, review score, and more, helping you save time by refining your search.
  • CSV exportable data, so you can have all of your research information in one place.

Overall, DS Amazon Quick View and its extended version is an invaluable tool for those looking to dropship or do retail arbitrage. It provides easy access to valuable information that can help you make better decisions when it comes to reselling items on various marketplaces, saving time and money in the long run.

Is There a Version for Walmart Sellers?

The downside to DS Amazon Quick View is that it only works with Amazon. If you’re a Walmart seller, your best bet is the Ecom Circles extension. This Chrome extension provides many of the same features as DS Amazon Quick View, such as a bulk product checker, sales rank tracker, and price history graphs. The main difference between them is that Ecom Circles also supports Walmart listings.

Ecom Circles is a great tool for those looking to dropship or do retail arbitrage on both Amazon and Walmart marketplaces. It has all the features of DS Amazon Quick View plus additional ones such as supplier data, inventory alerts, and more. Plus, it’s free for up to 50 products per month!

In short, DS Amazon Quick View and its extended version are essential tools for Amazon sellers, while Ecom Circles is the best choice for those who need to research products on both Amazon and Walmart. So no matter which marketplace you’re selling on, this tool that can help make your job easier.

Other Amazon Product Research Tools

There are a few other paid and free Amazon product research tools for you to consider for your eCommerce business including Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Seller Legend.

  • Jungle Scout is a powerful Amazon research tool used by thousands of sellers worldwide. It allows users to quickly analyze product data such as sales rank, revenue, competition level, and more. It also provides an opportunity to get an idea of what a potential product might look like before investing heavily in it. Jungle Scout also offers features such as keyword tracking, listing performance optimization, and much more.
  • Helium 10 is another Amazon research tool designed for both professional sellers and those just starting out with their online businesses. It helps users monitor their listings, optimize search engine rankings and track keywords over time. Additionally, Helium 10 offers additional features such as Brand Analytics which allow you to gain insights into your competitors’ strategies and find opportunities for improvement.
  • SellerLegend is a platform that helps sellers understand the market better in order to make informed decisions about their products. It allows users to track products’ sales history, pricing changes over time, and other valuable data points that can help them get ahead of their competitors in the Amazon marketplace. SellerLegend also includes features such as price comparison tools, automated repricing systems, and more.

Ultimately, Amazon’s Quick View and its extended version offer some great features for those looking to dropship or do retail arbitrage on the Amazon platform. However, if you’re looking for something more comprehensive or need access to Walmart’s marketplace, Ecom Circles extension may be your best bet. Not only do they offer product research on Amazon, but also Walmart product research tools.

Additionally, there are several other tools listed here that can help you get better insights into the market so you can make smarter decisions when selecting your products to sell on Amazon or other online marketplaces.

Consider Ecom Circles Done-for-You Lead Lists

Ecom Circles’ done-for-you lead lists are an invaluable tool for those looking to take their Amazon/Walmart arbitrage sourcing game to the next level. The lists allow you to quickly and easily identify leads that meet your criteria in both the Amazon and Walmart marketplaces.

The lists are created by the team’s experienced and knowledgeable sourcing professionals who have years of experience in the industry. They have access to millions of active listings in both marketplaces, giving them the ability to filter out irrelevant products and find those with potential.

The lists provide numerous advantages over conventional manual research methods. They:

  1. Save time and energy by eliminating the need to sift through large amounts of product data.
  2. Help identify opportunities that would have otherwise been missed due to a lack of data or unavailable information about a particular product or niche.
  3. Can be easily customized according to your specific criteria, such as price range, seasonality trends, desired profit margins, and more.

Finally, Ecom Circles’ lead lists come with an extensive guarantee that helps protect you from any unnecessary losses should something go wrong during your Walmart or Amazon automation dropshipping venture.

Overall, Ecom Circles’ done-for-you lead list service is a must-have if you’re looking for a powerful way to improve your online arbitrage sourcing efforts on both Amazon and Walmart. Their experienced team promises only quality leads, which makes it easier for sellers to focus on one thing: maximizing profits!

Want the BEST Tool? Explore the Ecom Circles Extension

So, do you want a better tool? Then DS Amazon Quick View is a great Chrome extension that can help you in your product research journey. It has some powerful features, including Keepa integration, the ability to quickly compare prices with competitors, and easy access to sales data.

What about the BEST tool? Well, that would have to be the Ecom Circles extension. This is a comprehensive tool suite for Amazon and Walmart sellers and boasts features such as advanced pricing automation, real-time market insights, product tracking capabilities, and more.

The extension was designed with dropshippers in mind to provide an all-in-one solution for their sourcing needs. The intuitive user interface allows them to quickly analyze data points, visualize trends, and make informed decisions about profitable products to source and list on both marketplaces.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced arbitrage seller looking for a better way to stay competitive in the marketplace, DS Amazon Quick View extended and Ecom Circles extension can both provide you with the necessary tools for success. Try them out today and see what the power of Amazon automation can do for your business. Good luck!



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