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Enjoy A Smoother, Automated Returns Process For Your Walmart Store
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Ecom Circles Warehouse Fulfillment Services

Drowning in an ocean of logistics? We can help with that. 

Ecom Circles’ warehouse fulfillment services take care of your product storage requirements, inventory management, order fulfillment, and returns process so you can focus on growing your business and increasing profitability.
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Simplify Your Business With Warehouse Fulfillment Services 

Running a successful eCommerce business and managing the inventory of your growing empire can get tough. Let us help with that. Operate your online business and grow at an incredible pace with our fulfillment centers.

Our reliable fulfillment solutions built on tried-and-true systems help product outstanding results for businesses across the country as we help them with services such as:

Unburden Yourself from Shipping

You can save time and resources, more easily expand your business, and avoid unwarranted marketplace suspensions with a trusted storage and fulfillment service specifically designed for marketplace sellers. We provide storage and order fulfillment solutions supported by years of experience and unparalleled expertise to simplify your logistics.
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Perfect for Marketplace Sellers

Ecom Circles’ third-party logistics services is a modern solution for marketplace sellers who struggle to get their orders fulfilled in a simple and streamlined way. Our cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly approach makes it possible to execute each step of the fulfillment process without the fuss, and without doing the hard work yourself. 

Every consumer order in an online store gets automatically routed from the shopping cart to a fulfillment facility for pick up, packaging, and competitively-priced shipping. Additionally, after dispatchment, the client and the vendor can receive tracking information to ensure items are delivered fast.

Handle Returns Effectively

Customers increasingly expect an efficient returns process when they purchase goods from marketplace sellers. With Ecom Circles warehouse fulfillment services, we’ll take care of all your returns, whether they need to be sent back to the supplier, stored for future fulfillments, or disposed of, we’ve got you covered!
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Warehousing Logistics Simplified

EcomCircles Warehouse fulfillment system simplifies your processes across the board. Our warehouse network has multiple warehouses and everything is managed through our state-of-the-art, proprietary software platform for maximum transparency and perfect routing for fast delivery times around the country. 

Our warehouse network is fully integrated with our software, so you don’t need to spend hours managing your inventory, shipping orders, or handling returns. In addition, our in-built rate-checker tool will match your orders with the most competitively priced shipping options no matter where you need to send your orders!

Merchant Fulfilled Shipping

It’s common for marketplace sellers to start operating their online business out of their own homes. But things get complicated when your business takes flight, and inventory grows. With Ecom Circles warehouse fulfillment you can grow your business, keep tabs on your inventory, all with more peace of mind!


FBA Prep and WFS Prep

Overseeing every aspect of the order fulfillment division for your business can include WFS or FBA prep services. Ecom Circles can help you reduce your workload here as well! We have a deep understanding of the fulfillment requirements for multiple platforms, including Walmart and Amazon. We can help you scale your business without you having to keep up on all of the changes to prep services yourself.

Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on keeping pricing simple and at a flat rate where possible to make it easier for you to calculate your costs while researching, sourcing, ordering, planning, and growing.

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Take Advantage of Our Warehouse Fulfillment Services in 3 Simple Steps 

Running a marketplace storefront is a great way to build a profitable business, but balancing order fulfillment and inventory management with other aspects of your business can be complex and overwhelming.

Putting your business in our hands as your third-party logistics experts can transform your business and help you take things to the next level in a short time!



Every online business involves order fulfillment, and this process will become more demanding as your business grows. When you contact us, we’ll set up a consultation call to discuss your operations, business goals, and any obstacles you’re currently facing.

We’ll draft a customized proposal and give you a thorough cost breakdown.

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A a 3PL service offers a range of order fulfillment services, such as:
  • Assembling and bundling products
  • Package boxes in the most economical way
  • Add dunnage to secure items while shipping
  • Generate and add shipping labels
  • Handling returns
  • Storing items to be shipped out later or storing backstock
When it comes to operational activity in a warehouse, adding or removing inventory is the primary activity. Typically warehouses don’t offer many other services, but Ecom Circles offers a whole suite of services and softwares that can help streamline your business.

Shipping Frequency 

We have daily pickups scheduled with major carriers to make sure that orders coming in from your platforms get shipped out as quickly as possible

Since many buyers expect fast deliveries, we have a robust process in place to ensure orders are shipped out without delay, which helps strengthen your customer relationships by making sure that items arrive on time..
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Why Do I Need Ecom Circles Third-party Fulfillment?

There are many perks of working with Ecom Circles fulfillment centers. Discover exactly how our fulfillment service can streamline your order processing and take the hassle away from doing the work yourself!

Eliminate Stock Management 

When starting your online business, it can be easier to manage inventory and pack boxes by yourself, but managing inventory and handling logistics is likely not optimal as your online business grows.  

When you can no longer handle your growing order volume, it’s time to use a fulfillment center like Ecom Circles. 3PL providers like us, take care of your fulfillment which can allow you to spend less time thinking about packaging items and fulfilling orders and give you more time to focus on expanding your business.


Save Money 

Because we oversee inventory for hundreds of clients, we can take advantage of the combined volume to obtain significant shipping discounts with major carriers and pass savings on to you

Shipping usually accounts for most of a seller’s total fulfillment costs, making it the single highest expense. To obtain group discounts from shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS, we have brokered agreements so that allsellers benefit from these discounts.

Favorable Location

Locations with fast access to a large geographic area are ideal for fulfillment facilities. You can prefer to work with a single fulfillment warehouse or distribute your goods among fulfillment facilities nationwide. Regardless of the situation, outsourcing enables you to put your goods in the best spots so that they may rapidly reach your clients.

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Focus On Scaling Your Business

Running an online store can come with several responsibilities. But you can outsource these tasks to fulfillment centers.  Employing a fulfillment center can enable sellers to be more proactive in other facets of their business that can help them grow and generate revenue.

Distributed Stock

Discovering the location of a 3PL’s fulfillment centers and whether they are close to the bulk of your consumers is one of the most important considerations when making your decision.

In theory, the shorter the distance your goods go, the sooner it reaches your buyer, and the less you’ll pay for shipping.

When shopping online, today’s consumers demand convenience and speed. You can ensure the quickest deliveries by keeping your product near the bulk of your customers (or near significant metropolitan areas that can rapidly reach vast numbers of customers).


Specialization and Expertise

Any seller who manages logistics alone will find it quite frustrating and challenging. It adds extra responsibility to the other activities that every business owner must handle.

However, a fulfillment center can quickly and efficiently manage complex operations and all the moving pieces. Fulfillment centers have been managing various activities for years. They have the expertise and experience to handle order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping. 

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How does fulfillment by a third party work?

Third-party logistics (3PL) or third-party fulfillment employs supply chain management and logistics for a business’ or third-party seller’s distribution and fulfillment needs.

Depending on your company’s demands, you could need these services to reduce the time it takes to process refunds or ship orders to clients. A 3PL provider offers services that help you spend your time more effectively, save money, increase efficiency, and more.


Do fulfillment centers manage inventory?

Yes! Upon receiving inventory, fulfillment centers sort it, place it on shelves according to its intended use, and keep track of all units available. In a fulfillment center, workers store merchandise to expedite order fulfillment quickly.

Fulfillment centers offer tools to help eCommerce businesses manage their inventory remotely. These tools may include a WFS calculator, product research scanners, and inventory tracking tools that help you to avoid stockouts.

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How do you manage clients’ inventory?

Using third-party technologies, we have real-time access to the inventory status of our clients. Our platform enables you to follow the progress of your product when clients place an order, from the time of order to the time it arrives at your doorstep. 

Our inventory data gets promptly updated and made accessible over a secure connection. Our customers can log in anytime to view their order status on a secure platform. 

Can a fulfillment center make same-day or next-day deliveries?

Yes. Fulfillment centers typically provide same-day and next-day shipments and other types of expedited delivery. The services will vary depending on geographic location, operations, technology setup, and staffing. 

Warehouse Fulfillment Services:
Frequently Asked Questions 

Still have a few questions? We’ve got you covered.

What is A Fulfillment Center?

A fulfillment center is a location (or warehouse) where people manage the logistics and processes required to “fulfill” or ship products from the seller to the buyer. Fulfillment centers are vital parts of the supply chain that handle various aspects of the order fulfillment processes, from order placement to processing, packaging, and delivery.

The fulfillment center or third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse such as Ecom Circles can be used to receive, manage, and complete marketplace sellers’ consumer orders, aiming to optimize their business processes. Fulfillment centers help expedite the delivery of online orders and liberate eCommerce businesses from handling this essential but time-consuming operation alone.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just give us a call and we will discuss your needs. Then we will walk you through our simple process from start to finish so you can start enjoying smooth and streamlined order fulfillment services.

I Manage Multiple Stores. Can this Service Help Me?​

Yes, of course. Our services can help you manage order fulfillment from multiple accounts.

Which Platforms Do You Support?​

We currently support both Amazon and Walmart, but we have several other platforms on our roadmap for 2023! If you would like to beta-test Facebook Shops, please get in touch.

How Do Fulfillment Centers Operate?

The order fulfillment or fulfillment center operations involve all the activities necessary to deliver online goods to buyers’ homes or office addresses. Simply start by shipping your items into our fulfillment center network. Once a buyer completes a purchase on an online store, our fulfillment center warehouse will select inventory, package the items in a box, and ship the items to your customer (aka “pick, pack, and ship.”)

Many smaller marketplace sellers store inventory and ship from their homes. With third-party logistics management, you can trust the experts to handle this process for you to save you time and hassle.. We can handle any and all business-to-consumer (B2C) fulfillment to your customer’s doorstep.

A 3PL service manages the order fulfillment procedures on a seller’s behalf.t. In addition to negotiating reduced shipping costs, handling high-volume requirements, and frequently lowering fulfillment expenses, these services can also includereceiving, storage, packaging, shipping, and returns.

Fulfillment centers provide a unique opportunity for sellers to manage inventory, save time and energy to focus on other crucial duties in their business.

How is Order Fulfillment Handled?​

We oversee repackaging and distribution from our fulfillment centers. When your customer makes an order, we will repackage it without your supplier’s brand or invoice.

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