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What is Order Management?

Ecom Circles’ Order management software is an essential tool for online retailers, including Amazon and Walmart sellers. It helps them manage the entire process of fulfilling orders, from receiving orders to shipping products to customers. In essence, an OMS enables sellers to keep track of their inventory, process orders quickly and accurately, and provide top-notch customer service.

An OMS integrates with an e-commerce platform such as Amazon or Walmart Marketplace to automate order processing and streamline the entire fulfillment process. It receives order data from the marketplace, updates the seller’s inventory levels, and manages the order fulfillment process.

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Save Time with Automated Fulfillment

With our order management tool, you can automatically place orders with your suppliers as soon as they are placed by your customers. 

This means that you no longer have to manually track and process each order, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

By automating this process, you can ensure that orders are fulfilled promptly, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.


Increase Your Order Fulfillment Accuracy

The Ecom Circles order management solution can be a game-changer for Amazon and Walmart sellers looking to increase their order accuracy. 

With this software, you can say goodbye to manual order processing which often leads to errors and customer dissatisfaction. 

By streamlining the entire order fulfillment process, the software automatically updates your order status, and sends the necessary information to the suppliers, thereby eliminating the risk of human error.

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Stay Organized and Maximize Efficiency With The Power Of Automation

Additionally, our order management software keeps orders orderly with statuses that make it easy to know where any order is in the dropshipping process. 

There are seven order statuses in general that provide crucial information from order initiation to order processing all the way to order completion.

This level of organization can also improve customer satisfaction, as customers can be kept informed about the status of their orders and receive timely updates if there are any delays or issues.

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A Comprehensive Platform To Manage All Your Orders

The Ecom Circles order manager is a comprehensive software that provides a lot of information on where your orders are at all times.

With the tool’s dashboard, you can see the order date i.e when the item was ordered on your storefront, the expected shipping date from your supplier so you can accurately tell your customers when their items will get to them, and several other useful order tata.

The interesting aspect of the Ecom Circles order manager is that you can manage orders from all your Amazon and Walmart seller accounts no matter how many you have. Giving you a versatile, multifaceted approach to managing your orders. 

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Order Management:
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Pay separately for the Order Manager?

Once you pay to get the Ecom Circles Automated Dropshipping Software you automatically get the order manager. It is all wrapped up into one subscription.

How Do I Get Started?

To get the order manager, you need to first get the Ecom Circles Automated Dropshipping Software. Within this software, you get the inventory manager and other useful tools such as orders management, repricer, automated listings tool, reports and analytics, and so on.