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Amazon and Walmart Inventory Manager


Automate Your Amazon and Walmart Inventory

Ecom Circles inventory management software is a powerful tool that helps Amazon and Walmart sellers manage their inventory levels and sales across multiple channels.

The inventory manager is one of the many helpful solutions embedded within the Ecom Circles Automated dropshipping software — providing seamless inventory management thereby saving you time and money and enabling you to manage your inventory and orders more efficiently.

This tool integrates with your marketplace accounts, providing real-time inventory tracking, and automatically updating inventory levels across all channels when a sale is made.

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Say Goodbye to Stock-Outs

The Ecom Circles inventory manager provides comprehensive information about your listings by telling you if your listings are published or not, how many items your suppliers have in stock, the price of those items from your suppliers, and so on.

To prevent stockouts, this information is automatically updated every hour so you have accurate and up-to-date inventory information when your suppliers’ stock increases or decreases.

This prevents overstocking, which ties up capital and storage space, and understocking, leading to lost sales and dissatisfied customers


Save Valuable Time and Stay Profitbale at All Times

Manually updating inventory and pricing information across multiple platforms can be time-consuming and prone to errors, which can lead to customer complaints and negative reviews. 

Our inventory management software for Walmart and Amazon sellers takes automation to the next level by not only giving you updated supplier inventory information but also automatically updating this information for you on your Amazon and Walmart online stores.

So if your supplier’s price goes up, the system automatically increases the price on your storefronts so you stay profitable at all times

By automating this process, you can free up time for other important tasks like coming up with strategies to boost your e-commerce business. Automation also reduces the risk of errors.

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Increase Efficiency and Productivity

With the Ecom Circles inventory manager, you can easily track inventory levels and sales trends with the easy-to-use reports dashboard.

This can help you identify slow-moving products, and make informed decisions about which products to stock and which to discontinue.

Having access to stock information can also help you to optimize your inventory and increase your profitability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is our Inventory Manager different from what is already on the market?

Most Inventory Management solutions only tell you when you are about to run out of stock. Our Inventory manager goes a step further by automatically reordering the stock from our suppliers so you never run out of stock. This can be helpful to Amazon and Walmart sellers that have to run several storefronts and want an automated solution that eases their workload.

Additionally, the Ecom Circles inventory manager works across platforms. So if you run multiple stores on Walmart and Amazon, you can use this tool to keep track of your inventory on all your storefronts without issue.

Do I Have to Pay separately for the Inventory Manager?

Once you get the Ecom Circles Automated Dropshipping Software you automatically get the inventory manager. It is all wrapped up into one subscription

How Do I Get Started?

To get the inventory manager, you need to first get the Ecom Circles Automated Dropshipping Software. Within this software, you get the inventory manager and other useful tools such as orders management, repricer, automated listings tool, reports and analytics, and so on.