Important Changes to Walmart Seller Fulfillment Settings and More!

Walmart News!

Attention all Walmart sellers! Walmart is introducing important changes to the Seller Fulfillment Settings to provide a more consistent and reliable customer experience.

This adjustment is part of Walmart’s continuous effort to streamline the online shopping experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

Stay informed and ready to adapt to these adjustments to maintain seamless operations on Walmart’s marketplace platform.

Changes to Seller Fulfillment Settings 🚚

Starting soon, all sellers will be required to support shipments at least 5 days per week within their Standard Processing Schedule.

Additionally, the Additional Days off are now being limited to 15 days per year. It is crucial to align your business operations with these new mandates to prevent any potential roadblocks or interruptions.

Action Required: Make sure to update your fulfillment settings by October 17, 2023, to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently without any hitches.

Extended Holiday Returns Window 🎁

To enhance the shopping experience during the festive season, Walmart is generously extending the returns window for top-performing Walmart Marketplace products.

If your products fall into this category, you have been automatically opted in unless notified otherwise. This new policy is anticipated to boost customer satisfaction and confidence, leading to increased sales and loyalty.

Note: Ensure to communicate this extended return window to your customers effectively, highlighting the flexibility and convenience it offers, to further enhance their shopping experience.

Updates for API Sellers 📢

For API Sellers, two significant and user-friendly enhancements will be visible on your Promotions Report starting September 28. The first change is the adjustment of the Date/Time format to a more readable format (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS).

The second one involves the update of labels for promo statuses for clearer comprehension and tracking. Ensure to familiarize yourself with these changes to avoid any confusion and to maintain efficient and effective handling of your promotions on

What You Need to Do 🛠️

  1. Update Your Fulfillment Settings: Be proactive in ensuring your settings align with the new requirements by October 17, 2023. Timely compliance with these new policies will prevent any unwarranted disruptions and help in providing a stable and reliable service to your customers.
  2. Review Your Return Policies: Prepare your team for the extended holiday returns window and ensure your customers are informed about this update. Clear and transparent communication regarding the new return policies will bolster your customer relations and enhance their shopping experience.
  3. API Sellers: Stay ahead by noting the upcoming changes to the Promotions Report and adjusting your operations accordingly. Proper adaptation to these changes will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of managing your promotions on


Walmart’s latest updates reflect their commitment to offering an improved seller and customer experience on its platform. Understanding and adapting to these changes is essential for leveraging the benefits and opportunities they bring.

Ensure your team is well-informed and prepared to integrate these updates into your business operations. Take these changes in stride and utilize them to enhance and expand your business presence on Walmart Marketplace.



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