The smartest way to speed up Amazon and Walmart product research

Profit Analyzer

allowing you to quickly analyze profitability, ROI, estimated sales, and more!

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Our goal is to make product research effortless.

The Ecom Scanner is the #1 tool for sellers on the Amazon and Walmart Marketplaces.

Scan product files to get pricing and other pertinent product data in seconds.

Use the Profit Analyzer to simplify your product research.  

Save time and money on product research with automatic re-checking of previous items

Upload individual items to instantly see if you should buy or not

The Profit Analyzer has a proven track record of driving sales and customer satisfaction. Join the thousands of happy businesses that have already made the switch. Try the Profit Analyzer Wholesale Scanner now

Upload catalogs from wholesalers and distributors to quickly analyze data to find profitable products

EC Repricer Dashboard

Features include:

*Available for Paid Members only

Our Software Makes Two Step Dropshipping Work

Restricted Brand Check

Check if brands are restricted on your Amazon account so you can avoid buying items that you can't sell

The 2-Step Drop Ship Process

IP Claim Check

We have one of the largest databases of companies that have opened IP Claims or whom send cease and desist letters

Let Us 2-Step Drop Ship for You

Hazmat Check

The majority of sellers stay away from Hazmat items. We display an indication of this for your awareness.

Say Goodbye to Suspensions

FBA Fees / WFS Fees

All fees are inserted into the software tool so you're able to easily calculate them.


Estimated Shipping

Add an address to calculate shipping estimates.


ROI / Margin

The tool insantly calculates your ROI and Margin considering your cost of goods (COGS)


Sales Rank

Pull in the current Best Seller Ranks.


Marketplace on Listing

Promptly view what's on the marketplace's listings.


Sales Rank History*

View historic Sales Rank history from 30, 60, and 90 days to help make the best decisions for product resale.

Fully Automated Repricing

Sales Estimator*

The sales estimator tool calculates the average sales per item.

Smart Algorithm

Competitive Sellers*

See how many sellers on the listing are competitive and within 2% of the buybox.


Stay Ahead of the Competition with Our Comprehensive Keyword Ranking Software

How it works

The EC Scanner scans your files, keeps you organized, and is intuitive with many great features. All you need is a list of products and EC Scanner does the rest. Irrespective of how big the price list is, it takes seconds to know what you should buy.

    1. Approach suppliers and request an excel version of their product catalog.
    2. Upload the product list and select your preferred options.
    3. The search engine will return important metrics so that you can make the best sourcing decision on new products.
    4. Analyze results with powerful filters to find profitable, fast selling products.

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Bulk Scan

The powerful data search helps you make outstanding buying decisions for your business.

Join our Amazon wholesale
Say Goodbye to Suspensions

The perfect Amazon seller scanner tool for analyzing profits and monitoring "replens"!

You don’t have to manually upload manufacturer or distributor lists to keep your product data current anymore. Set up regular scans of uploaded files to ensure that you have up-to-date information at all times. 

  • Apply your own criteria such as profitability, ROI, BSR, 90-day BSR, etc. and save it for next time!
  • Schedule the system to automatically re-check items at a regular interval and email you if anything becomes profitable
  • Scan products against both Amazon and Walmart marketplaces for FBM or FBA/WFS
  • Simplify work for your VAs by giving a simple “Yes” or “No” as to whether to buy the items or not.
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Wholesale Scanner - Advanced View

Deep dive into the listings so that you can make detailed sourcing decisions.

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Strategies on Your Terms

Grow Your Business the Easy Way

Become a part of our flourishing marketplace vendor ecosystem, faster and user-friendly. Ecom Circles provides a simple approach so you can determine whether an extensive range of products will be lucrative for your business.

  • 1M Listings Monitored
  • 1.63B Repriced items
  • 430K Orders Placed
  • 21.31M Member Sales 

Effortlessly Calculate Your Earnings

You can now calculate profits & ROI before sourcing a product.

With the profit and ROI calculator, dropshippers can purchase inventory with a newfound sense of confidence and assurance that their deals make sense and that they have winning products.

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Fully Automated Repricing

Achieve Greater Success with Your Business Fast

Going through each item in your catalog one by one is a tedious task. To make smart business choices, Amazon and Walmart marketplace sellers need an easy way to do product research and determine the profitability of every item in wholesaler catalogs. 

The Ecom Scanner provides the fastest and most convenient approach to getting the information you need to improve your bottom line. Get started in a few clicks!

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Make Smart Purchases and Get the Best Value for Your Money

The wholesale scanner may be a concept you are unfamiliar with if you are new to Walmart or Amazon. With the aid of this seller tool, sellers can swiftly evaluate crucial information about in-store items and inventory in online stores.

The 2-Step Drop Ship Process
Our Software Makes Two Step Dropshipping Work

Discover the Top-Rated Products in the Market

We help sellers avoid manual product scanning and sourcing, and make calculated decisions all at once!

Put an end to tedious and time-consuming tasks! Through our wholesale scanner and sourcing app, you can have effective control over your business’s profitability and ROI. 

Move Faster

Make informed decisions more quickly than competitors about what products to carry with a powerful wholesale sourcing tool. 

Increase Profitability

Quickly scan wholesale catalogs to compare and identify profitable products. Scan as many product files as needed to get pricing and other pertinent product data in a short time.

Apply Specific Filters

Research across multiple data points on both Amazon and Walmart. With the Wholesale Scanner, you can retrieve all necessary information from Amazon’s data to compare costs, competitive seller volume, proximity to the buy box price, and more!

Compare Fulfillment Fees

Quickly and easily get Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) in bulk and use them in your profitability analysis. Discover the most affordable options to sell and ship your items by comparing fulfilment fees for each platform. 

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Pricing Table

Accessing Wholesale Scanning and Sourcing Has Never Been More Affordable

We believe every third-party seller should have fast, easy access to cutting-edge product research and sourcing tools without hurting your pocket.

Want a more straightforward fix for your product research? Check out our affordable options.

Let Us 2-Step Drop Ship for You

Try our Ecom Scanner for Free and See the Results for Yourself!

Amazon and Walmart sellers may manage inventories and source wisely with the help of EcomCircles Wholesale Scanner. Discover why EcomCircles is used by thousands of Walmart and Amazon merchants globally.

Stop searching through price sheets manually!

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No More Than 3 Steps To Get Started

It’s effortless to use the Ecom scanning app!

Add Your Team Members

Get A Suppliers Catalog

Request their product catalog from brand owners and distributors. Once you get the catalog containing UPC codes, you can compare the data against Amazon and Walmart. 

Start A Scan

Search easily with the UPC code, ISPN, or EAN. Simply upload the product list and select your preferred data options. Drag and drop a file, compare with Amazon or Walmart (or both).

Retrieve Vital Product Information 

The software will return essential metrics including seller volume, buy-box price, profitability, and more. You can analyze results with powerful filters to find profitable, fast-selling products and make the best sourcing decision on new products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ecom Wholesale Scanner

What is the Profit Analyzer?

The Profit Anazlyer (previously Ecom Scanner) is a tool for Amazon and Walmart sellers that aids them when selling on the marketplace. The app displays vital information about your future profit with the scanned items, sales estimates, historical sales data, and helpful information about your competition.

How can the Ecom Wholesale Scanner help me?

The Ecom Scanner has features that help sellers analyze results with powerful filters to find profitable, fast-selling products. With our wholesale scanning and sourcing tool, you can make powerful data searches that help you make informed buying decisions for your Amazon business.

  • Instantly Get Product Details
  • Deep dive into the listings so that you can make informed sourcing decisions.
  • Calculate profits & ROI before sourcing a product.
  • Look into different price points to get an estimate of Profit/ROI sensitivity
  • Calculate the profits, including product, shipping, and prep fees.
  • Toggle between WFS/MFN for Walmart and MFN/FBA in case of Amazon
  • Adjust product cost with either a % premium or discount.
  • Test and validate the right product ideas.

With the profit and ROI calculator, dropshippers can purchase inventory with newfound confidence and assurance that they can find deals that will nurture their business success, with winning products. 

How Much Does It Cost to Get Started with Walmart Automation?

Whether Walmart automation or some other market automation, it typically costs two-step dropshippers $25,000 – $35,000 upfront, of which our management fee is 50 percent.

To start with WFS, FBA, or other marketplace fulfilments upfront, hard capital is required. A minimum of $15,000 hard capital is recommended. For two-step dropshippers, $25,000 in credit card space is recommended. No hidden charges!

Ecom Circles

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Here are some extra details!

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply give us a call, and we’ll walk you through the process of signing up for the wholesale scanner tool.

Which Platforms Do You Support?​

The wholesale scanner can scan across Amazon and Walmart or both at the same time. We have several other platforms on our roadmap for 2022! If you would like to beta-test other marketplaces, please get in touch.

Is there a Limit on How Many Items I can Bulk Scan?

The free version lets you upload 2 catalogs per month with up to 10,000 items each. The unlimited version is just that – Unlimited!

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