Ecom Scanner | Amazon and Walmart Wholesale Sourcing Tool

Quickly scan wholesale catalogs from Walmart or Amazon to identify profitable products

The Ecom Scanner is a tool for sellers in the Amazon and Walmart Marketplaces.
  • Scan as many product files as needed to get pricing and other pertinent product data in seconds.      
  • Use the scanner to assist with your product research.  
  • Save time and money on product research and optimize your online store.
  • Make informed Ecommerce decisions more quickly than competitors about what products to carry. 

Tools like this have been around for AliExpress and Amazon for ages. Now, you can have the same product intel. at your fingertips in the Walmart            


Marketplace and maximize the profitability of your dropshipping business. Try the Ecom Wholesale Scanner now

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How it works

The EC Scanner scans your files, keeps you organized, and is intuitive with many great features. All you need is a list of products and EC Scanner does the rest. Irrespective of how big the price list is, it takes seconds to know what you should buy. 

    1. Approach suppliers and request an excel version of their product catalog.
    2. Upload the product list and select your preferred options.
    3. The search engine will return important metrics so that you can make the best sourcing decision on new products.
    4. Analyze results with powerful filters to find profitable, fast selling products.

Bulk Scan

The Ecom Scanner’s powereful data search helps you make informed buying decisions for your Amazon business.


Instantly Get Product Details

Deep dive into the listings so that you can make informed sourcing decisions.

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Profit and ROI Calculator

You can now calculate profits & ROI before sourcing a product.

With the profit and ROI calculator, dropshippers can purchase inventory with a newfound sense of confidence and assurance that their deals make sense and that they have winning products.

Scanner Competitive Advantages

  1. Use this dropshipping product research tool to quicken your data gathering and analysis. 
  2. Gather info about trending products using instant market research.
  3. Find products that make business sense and maximize your profit margin.
  4. Save money to spend on marketing; PPC and Facebook ads.
  5. Maximize the profitability of your dropshipping store.
  6. Use it as a ‘niche scraper,’ to discover ‘select’ dropshipping niches or to identify popular products.     

Hundreds of dropshippers are already using ecom successfully to save time and grow their online stores. Download the Ecom Wholesale Scanner now to maximize your potential as a dropshipper with one of the best dropshipping product research tools availabe.  

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