Key Walmart Updates on Verification, Fulfillment, and Advertising Optimizations

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🚀 Enhance Your Customer Support with OTP Verification

In adherence to the INFORM Consumers Act, Walmart is now requiring all online marketplace sellers to annually verify their contact information.

This crucial step ensures transparency and builds trust between sellers, customers, and the platform itself. To streamline this process, you can easily verify your customer service number through a one-time-password (OTP) on the Seller Center’s Seller Certification page.

This feature is currently available for U.S. and China phone numbers. In cases where your phone number does not support OTP, stay alert as Walmart will reach out to you directly for verification.

Remember, keeping your contact information up to date is not just a compliance measure, but also a way to enhance your customer service and ensure you are reachable when your customers need you the most.

🤖 Introducing a New Chatbot for Tracking WFS Shipments

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) is making tracking shipments, managing inventory discrepancies, and handling receiving delays easier than ever!

Introducing the new chatbot feature, a one-stop solution available through the support page on Seller Center or Seller Help. This innovative tool streamlines the process, providing you with instant answers and guidance.

And if your query needs a more personal touch, the chatbot will seamlessly direct you to the appropriate channel for assistance. Enhance your operational efficiency and ensure smoother transactions with this cutting-edge feature.

💰 Maximize Your Ad Spend with Walmart Connect’s Out-of-Budget Feature

Advertising on Walmart just got a whole lot smarter! With Walmart Connect’s new out-of-budget feature, you are now equipped to optimize your ad spending like never before.

This feature allows you to identify campaigns that have recently run out of budget or are at risk of doing so, ensuring that you never miss out on potential clicks or impressions.

Plus, you can effortlessly apply recommended budgets to your campaigns in a single step, minimizing missed opportunities and maximizing your return on ad spend. Dive into a world of smarter advertising and watch your campaigns flourish with Walmart Connect!


Walmart continues to innovate and provide valuable tools and features to enhance the selling experience on their platform. By staying informed and actively participating in these updates, sellers can ensure they are taking full advantage of what Walmart has to offer.

From securing your account through timely verification processes, utilizing cutting-edge chatbot technology for efficient shipment tracking and issue resolution, to optimizing ad spending for maximum visibility and impact, these updates are designed to streamline operations and boost seller success.

Embrace these changes and integrate them into your daily operations to experience a smoother, more efficient selling journey on Walmart.

Remember, the platform is evolving with your success in mind, and by leveraging these tools, you are setting the stage for enhanced customer interactions, increased sales, and a thriving business on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.



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