Walmart Fulfillment Service (WFS) Fee Calculator

Similar to Amazon’s FBA services, Walmart has started its Walmart fulfillment service (WFS), which takes care of the storage and delivery of products so that 3rd party sellers don’t have to. The new service has many benefits for sellers as it helps them get 2-day shipping and priority buybox placement which should result in more sales. Unfortunately, Walmart does not yet provide any tools for helping sellers understand how much their fees are going to be for selling items through Walmart’s Fulfillment Services so it can be frustrating to figure out if a particular product will be profitable or not after all of the fees.

Download the WFS Calculator here

Walmart charges a percentage of the gross sales that proceeds from the sale of each product, ranging from 8% – 20% depending on the category. In addition to that, Walmart charges fees for warehousing and shipping the products as well. Calculating all of this requires a fair amount of work, especially if you don’t have a large enterprise organization. When you have to spend so much time doing tasks manually, it eats into productivity.

And that’s where our calculator comes into play!

Using our new WFS Calculator, sellers can calculate the fees Walmart is charging for a package to be stored, sold, and delivered. Aptly named the WFS Fee Calculator, this Chrome extension will calculate the fulfillment program’s fees right from the front-end of itself.

With the WFS calculator, you as a seller will be able to:

  • Calculate the expenses beforehand so that you can choose products with lower fees and maximize your profits.
  • See easy-to-read estimates showing how much you can expect to make on every sale.
  • Use the data to determine expected revenue and know whether it’s worth it to sell an item.

Walmart Fulfillment Service Calculator Features

The WFS calculator calculates the following fees for each product Walmart is going to charge.


Referral Fee

The referral fee is Walmart’s commission for each product. The calculator add all these three fees and give you the total fee that is going to be charged on each category as a fulfillment service.

WFS Fulfillment Fee

The fee that Walmart charges for fulfillment services for an order.

Storage Fees

The storage fee Walmart charges for a product to always keep in stock.

With the WFS calculator, sellers will estimate the fees and profit margins because each category has different percentages of the fees. The sellers can see exactly what the fees will be to decide if the cost is worth it. You wouldn’t have to find space for all the inventory and forget worrying about keeping up with orders.

We have just launched the calculator and we would love your help testing it out!

Download the WFS Calculator here

This tool has just been launched and is therefore free and in beta. We value your feedback, so please report any issues here, we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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