What is the Walmart Review Accelerator Program? – Enrolling Your Items To Get More Reviews


In the competitive realm of online retail, product reviews are a golden currency. They provide social proof, improve product visibility, and significantly influence purchasing decisions.

Among the plethora of platforms, Walmart has emerged as a formidable player, offering a unique program aimed at boosting product reviews for its sellers – the Walmart Review Accelerator Program.

This initiative endeavors to help sellers amplify the volume of reviews on their listed items, which in turn, can significantly enhance product trust and sales.

In this enlightening guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Walmart Review Accelerator Program, elucidate the process of enrolling your items, and unveil how this program can be a game-changer in augmenting your product reviews on Walmart.

Whether you are a seasoned Walmart seller or a newbie, understanding and leveraging this program can be a stepping stone to escalating your online retail success.

So, let’s embark on this informative journey to unravel how the Walmart Review Accelerator Program can be your ally in garnering more reviews and elevating your product’s standing on one of the world’s largest retail platforms.

What is the Walmart Review Accelerator Program?

Walmart’s innovative strategy to amplify the success of sellers on its platform comes in the form of the Walmart Review Accelerator Program.

Known to many as the Review Accelerator Program, it’s a robust engine driving the acquisition of customer reviews, a key factor that sways potential buyers. Let’s break down this initiative and how it can transform your product listings into customer favorites.

The Purpose Behind the Review Accelerator Program

The core aim of the Review Accelerator Program is straightforward; it encourages buyers to post genuine reviews of their purchases. This authentic feedback loop is essential in forging trust and setting your brand apart in the e-commerce hustle.

After customers buy and experience your product, they’re invited to share their insights, sweetened by a modest incentive that’s unveiled only after they’ve made their purchase.

The Program Mechanics

Here’s how it unfolds. Sellers start by selecting products for the program through the Walmart Seller Center.

Within the ‘Growth Opportunities’ hub lies the Review Accelerator Program tab, your gateway to enlisting items that meet the cut: products that have recorded sales in the past month but are yet to hit 15 reviews, or those that have stagnated with no fresh feedback in over three months.

And remember, only one seller gets to enroll a product at any given time.

After your products are in the program, Walmart reaches out to buyers to share their experiences. In recognition of their time, they’re rewarded with a small token, disclosed post-purchase.

The investment for sellers? A flat rate of $10 per review, billed only for the target review count per item. To maintain utmost transparency, all reviews sourced through this initiative are clearly marked as incentivized.

Cultivating Reviews and Driving Sales

The desired outcome of the Walmart Review Accelerator Program is simple; to ramp up the review volume to propel sales by enhancing the perceived reliability and allure of your offerings.

Sellers can leverage a dashboard within the program to nominate items for review, opt them in or out, and observe the ripple effect of the reviews on product perception.

The Walmart Review Accelerator Program represents a full-circle solution for elevating your products’ standing on one of the world’s largest retail platforms.

By tapping into the persuasive power of customer reviews, you’re not just boosting sales; you’re building a fortress of trust with your customer base.

Benefits of Enrolling in the Program

Treading the path of online retail on platforms like Walmart often hinges on the power of customer reviews.

These nuggets of customer insight not only shed light on your product’s virtues (and sometimes, vices) but can significantly mold the purchasing decisions of prospective buyers.

The Walmart Review Accelerator Program presents a golden opportunity for sellers to usher in a wave of reviews, fostering a trustful relationship with shoppers and bolstering product visibility.

Let’s unravel the bouquet of benefits this program brings to the table for sellers on Walmart:

1. Amplification of Customer Trust:

The heart of the Walmart Review Accelerator Program beats with one core aim – to bolster customer trust.

By facilitating a stream of authentic reviews, this program helps paint a clear, honest picture of your products, providing the social proof that many shoppers seek before making a purchase.

The tag of ‘incentivized’ on reviews maintains transparency, ensuring that trust is built on a solid foundation of honesty.

2. Boost in Product Visibility:

In the vast sea of products on Walmart’s online marketplace, standing out is the name of the game. The Review Accelerator Program acts as a springboard, propelling your products into the spotlight.

With an influx of reviews, your products climb the ladder of visibility, making it easier for shoppers to find and choose your offerings over others.

3. Enhanced Sales Potential:

It’s simple math—better visibility and trust often translate to better sales. The Walmart Review Accelerator Program can be a catalyst in this equation, driving more eyeballs to your products and potentially, more clicks on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

The program’s dashboard even allows you to track the impact of reviews on your sales, providing valuable insights to refine your selling strategy.

4. Better Understanding of Customer Preferences:

Reviews are a goldmine of customer insight. They shed light on what’s resonating with the shoppers and what’s not.

Enrolling in the Walmart Review Accelerator Program gives you a front-row seat to this feedback loop, aiding in understanding customer preferences and areas of improvement for your products.

5. Competitive Edge:

In a marketplace where your competitors are just a click away, having a slew of positive reviews can give you a significant competitive edge.

The Review Accelerator Program could be your ticket to staying a step ahead in the race, by fostering a positive image through reviews and enhancing the desirability of your products.

6. Easy Enrollment and Management:

With a user-friendly interface for enrollment and a set of APIs for seamless management, the Walmart Review Accelerator Program minimizes the hassle, making it easy for you to enroll, manage, and reap the benefits from the program.

7. Cost-Effective Review Generation:

At a nominal fee of $10 per review, the program provides a cost-effective avenue to generate reviews.

Especially with the incentivized reviews sale, where the cost is halved for up to 100 reviews, the Review Accelerator Program proves to be a budget-friendly option for sellers aiming to enhance their review count.

The Walmart Review Accelerator Program unfolds as a robust strategy for sellers keen on elevating their product’s footprint on Walmart’s platform.

By bridging the gap between your products and the swarm of shoppers on Walmart, this program stands as a valuable ally in your journey toward online retail success. So, are you ready to harness the power of reviews and drive your products to a new pinnacle of success on Walmart?

How to Enroll Your Items

Here’s a step-by-step guide to sail smoothly through the enrollment process and set your products on a voyage toward a sea of reviews and potential sales upticks.

1. Navigate to the Right Port

Start your journey by logging into the Seller Center on Walmart’s marketplace. Once logged in, direct your cursor towards the ‘Growth Opportunities’ section found in the Analytics segment of the left-hand menu.

Select the ‘Review Accelerator Program’ tab to enter the realm where reviews meet your products.

Walmart Review Accelerator Program

2. Identify Your Eligible Vessels

Within the Review Accelerator Program tab, navigate to the ‘Eligible’ tab.
Here, you’ll find a list of all items that are eligible to enroll in the program. Eligibility is based on certain criteria like recent sales, existing reviews, and the freshness of these reviews.

Take a moment to review the eligibility criteria to ensure your items are fit for the program voyage.

3. Enroll Your Items

Once you’ve identified the eligible items, it’s time to officially enroll them. Select the checkbox next to the item name(s) you wish to enroll.

Hit the ‘Enroll’ button to complete the enrollment process.

Enroll Items on Walmart Review Accelerator Program

4. Set Sail Towards Reviews

With your items enrolled, you’re all set! The Walmart Review Accelerator Program will now begin its work to garner reviews for your products.
You can monitor the progress, manage your enrolled items, and track the impact of reviews through the program’s dashboard.

5. Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon:

Items are refreshed daily in the eligibility list, so if you have more products to enroll in, keep checking back. Keep an eye on the performance and the reviews coming in for your enrolled items.

Utilize the feedback from reviews to make necessary adjustments to your products or listings, ensuring continual improvement in your Walmart marketplace journey.

Enrolling your items in the Walmart Review Accelerator Program is akin to setting sail towards a horizon brimming with potential customer trust, better visibility, and enhanced sales opportunities.

By following these steps, you ensure that your products are well-positioned to catch the favorable winds of customer reviews, propelling your Walmart retail venture toward success.


Wrapping up, the Walmart Review Accelerator Program stands out as a valuable tool for sellers aiming to boost their product reviews and, by extension, their visibility and sales on Walmart.com.

This program simplifies the process of collecting customer feedback, offering a straightforward, cost-effective way to build trust and stand out in Walmart’s vast marketplace.

By following the steps for enrollment and keeping in mind the tips for success, you can maximize the benefits of this program. While it’s just one element of a broader sales strategy, it’s an important one, providing a direct line to what customers think and feel about your products.

In short, the Walmart Review Accelerator Program is a practical step towards enhancing your online presence and increasing your chances of success on one of the world’s largest retail platforms.

With patience and persistence, it can help sail your business into a future of improved customer engagement and increased sales.




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