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AMZ seller browser review

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AMZ Seller Browser Review and Alternatives


UPDATE: AMZ Seller Browser no longer seems to be working. Their website and their Facebook group both seem to be inactive and the Extension page seems to have not been updated in over a year.

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Are you tired of spending hours scrolling through Amazon, trying to find the best products to sell? Well, look no further, because AMZ Seller Browser is here to save the day!

You might be thinking, ‘Another Chrome extension? How is this any different?’ Well, AMZ Seller Browser is not your average extension. It’s specifically designed for Amazon sellers like you, with the goal of saving you time and money.

With AMZ Seller Browser, you’ll have access to valuable product data, including information on product rank and pricing history. Plus, it has a product research tool that gathers data on demand, supply, advertising cost, and competition.

And that’s not all – it also has a price tracker add-on that notifies you of price drops by competitors and a quick view function for easy comparison.

So why waste any more time? Give AMZ Seller Browser a try and revolutionize your Amazon selling experience.

Overview of AMZ Seller Browser

The AMZ Seller Browser is a free Chrome extension that saves you time and money.

It helps you find the best products to sell on Amazon. With AMZ Seller Browser, you can easily access valuable product data like rank and price history.

It’s not just a product research tool. It also has a price tracker add-on that notifies you of price drops by competitors. This feature alone can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Additionally, the browser allows you to search for bundled items. It has a quick view feature that lets you compare bullet points quickly. It even tells you if a product is already being sold on Amazon.

Another useful feature is the vendor search. It helps you find vendors with high-quality products at reasonable costs. The browser also displays the rank of sellers with the Amazon Best Seller extension.

Benefits of Using AMZ Seller Browser

By utilizing this powerful tool, sellers can effortlessly access valuable data and make informed decisions, ultimately saving precious time and maximizing their chances of success on the competitive Amazon marketplace.

AMZ Seller Browser offers a range of benefits that can greatly enhance a seller’s experience. Firstly, the product data feature provides crucial information on product rank and price history, allowing sellers to understand market trends and make pricing decisions accordingly.

Additionally, the product research tool gathers data on demand, supply, advertising cost, and competition, empowering sellers to identify profitable products to sell.

The price tracker add-on is particularly useful as it notifies sellers of price drops by competitors, enabling them to adjust their prices and remain competitive.

Moreover, the vendor search feature helps sellers find vendors with high-quality products at a reasonable cost, simplifying the sourcing process.

The Amazon Best Seller Extension is another valuable tool that displays the rank of sellers, allowing sellers to assess their competition and strategize accordingly.

Product Research

When conducting product research, it’s crucial to gather data on demand, supply, advertising cost, and competition in order to identify profitable products to sell on Amazon.

The AMZ Seller Browser’s product research tool provides sellers with valuable information to make informed decisions. By analyzing product rank and historical pricing information, sellers can determine the popularity and profitability of a product.

This tool also helps sellers identify the level of competition they may face and the advertising cost associated with promoting the product. Additionally, the price tracker add-on notifies sellers of price drops by competitors, allowing them to adjust their pricing strategy accordingly.

The tool also allows sellers to search for bundled items, giving them the opportunity to offer unique and attractive product bundles to customers. With the quick view feature, sellers can easily compare bullet points of different products, saving time and effort.

If you need more products to list, you can check out our online arbitrage lead lists!

Quick View Links to Other Amazon Pages

AMZ Seller Browser offers an efficient feature called quick view links, which allows users to easily navigate to other Amazon pages for a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis of products and competitors.

With just a click, users can access important information without the need for multiple tabs or unnecessary scrolling.

This feature saves valuable time by streamlining the research process. Users can quickly switch between different Amazon pages, such as the product listing, pricing history, sales ranking, and competitor analysis, all within the same browser.

This eliminates the hassle of manually searching for and opening multiple tabs, giving users more time to focus on analyzing data and making informed decisions.

By providing quick access to various Amazon pages, users can gather all the necessary information they need for a thorough product analysis. They can easily compare pricing history, sales rankings, and monthly sales of different products or competitors, helping them identify profitable products and evaluate their profit potential. With this feature, users can make well-informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

In essence, users can maximize their profit potential and make more successful business choices with this feature.

Price History Tracking

AMZ Seller Browser offers a comprehensive price history tracking feature that enables sellers to analyze the historical pricing data of products on Amazon. This tool proves to be invaluable for sellers looking to make informed decisions about pricing and potential profits.

With AMZ Seller Browser’s price history tracking, sellers can easily access and analyze the pricing data of products over time.

They can view the average prices, rank history, and monthly sales of products, allowing for an in-depth understanding of market trends and product demand. This historical pricing data proves to be vital when determining the profit potential of a product and making informed pricing decisions.

By utilizing the price history tracking feature, sellers can identify pricing patterns, fluctuations, and opportunities in the market. They can also conduct competitor analysis and compare their products’ pricing history to similar products. This allows sellers to gauge their competitiveness and adjust their pricing strategy accordingly.

Ultimately, AMZ Seller Browser’s price history tracking feature empowers sellers to make informed decisions about pricing and potential profits. They can identify profitable products, determine the optimal price point, and maximize their profit margin.

This tool becomes a life-saver for sellers, providing them with the necessary data and insights to succeed in the competitive world of Amazon.

Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis feature of AMZ Seller Browser gives you a strategic edge over your rivals and allows you to dominate the Amazon marketplace.

This powerful tool helps you gather valuable insights about your competitors and make informed decisions to stay ahead.

By using the competitive analysis feature, you can easily identify your top competitors and analyze their performance metrics. You can see their product rank, price history, and even their advertising costs. This information is crucial in understanding the demand and competition for a particular product.

Furthermore, the competitive analysis feature notifies you of any price drops by your competitors. This allows you to adjust your prices accordingly and stay competitive in the market.

You can also search for bundled items and compare bullet points with your competitors, ensuring that your product stands out from the crowd.

In addition, AMZ Seller Browser helps you find vendors with high-quality products at a reasonable cost. This supplier-related feature enables you to source products efficiently and maintain a competitive advantage.

Overall, the competitive analysis feature of AMZ Seller Browser empowers you to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.

It is an essential tool for any Amazon seller looking to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace. You can learn more about how to be a great dropshipper with our Amazon Dropshipping Guide

Store Optimization

By utilizing the store optimization feature, Amazon sellers can enhance their online presence and maximize their sales potential.

This feature provided by the AMZ Seller Browser is a valuable tool that allows sellers to optimize their product listings and improve their visibility on the Amazon marketplace.

With this feature, sellers can analyze their competitors’ listings and identify areas for improvement. They can then make strategic changes to their own listings, such as optimizing keywords, improving product descriptions, and enhancing images.

This optimization process helps sellers rank higher in search results and attract more potential customers.

Additionally, the store optimization feature enables sellers to track the performance of their listings over time, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to further optimize their stores.

AMZ Seller Browser Support

The support provided by this seller tool is like having a team of experts guiding you through the intricacies of the Amazon marketplace. Whether you are a new seller or an experienced one, the AMZ Seller Browser support is designed to assist you every step of the way.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, the support team is readily available to help you find solutions. They understand the challenges you may face and are dedicated to ensuring your success.

From troubleshooting Amazon error codes like 8541 and 5995 to addressing any concerns you may have, the support team is there to assist you. They can provide guidance on store optimization, help you understand and utilize Amazon’s Best Seller Rank (BSR), and offer advice on supplier-related matters.

With their expertise, you can make informed decisions and save time. The AMZ Seller Browser support is just a click away, providing you with the assistance you need to thrive in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Pricing Plans for AMZ Seller Browser

AMZ Seller Browser offers three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Premium.

The Basic plan, priced at $19.99 per month, provides essential features such as Chrome extensions, price history, and average prices. Users can also access quick view links for competitor analysis and product updates.

The Pro plan, priced at $39.99 per month, includes all the features of the Basic plan plus additional advanced features like sales history, ranking history, and sales estimator. Users can also view pricing history and monthly sales to make informed business decisions.

The Premium plan, priced at $59.99 per month, offers the most comprehensive functionality. It includes all the features of the Pro plan, as well as extra features like the Amazon KW index, profit potential analysis, and opportunity score. Users can also access product images and shipping costs to calculate potential profits.

By offering a range of pricing plans, AMZ Seller Browser caters to different user needs and budgets. Whether you are a new seller looking for minimal features or an experienced seller wanting advanced functionality, AMZ Seller Browser has a pricing plan that suits you.

With its affordable pricing and comprehensive features, AMZ Seller Browser is a lifesaver for Amazon sellers looking to optimize their listings and maximize their profit margin.

Alternatives to AMZ Seller Browser

Here are some Alternatives to AMZ Seller:

1. Ecom Circles Extension

The Ecom Circles Chrome extension combines 25+ extensions in one. It provides sellers with useful information such as Keepa graphs, price history graphs, product research capabilities, profit calculation, IP checker functionality, and so much more! It is the Swiss army knife seller extension for Amazon and Walmart sellers.

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive seller tool that offers a range of advanced features for Amazon sellers. It provides historical pricing data, monthly sales estimates, sales ranking, and competitor analysis.

3. Helium 10

Helium 10 is another popular Chrome extension that offers a wide array of features for Amazon sellers. It provides tools for keyword research, listing optimization, sales tracking, and competitor analysis.

4. Viral Launch

With its advanced technology and data-driven insights, Viral Launch helps sellers find profitable products and optimize their listings to increase sales and profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the AMZ Seller Browser extension?

To install the AMZ Seller Browser extension, simply go to the Chrome Web Store and search for “AMZ Seller Browser.” Click on the extension and then click the “Add to Chrome” button.
or you can just click this link to view the extension

Can I use the AMZ Seller Browser on multiple Amazon websites?

Yes, you can use the AMZ Seller Browser on multiple Amazon websites. It’s a versatile tool that works for both and, and they are also expanding its availability to other Amazon websites.

Is the AMZ Seller Browser compatible with other browser extensions?

Yes, the AMZ Seller Browser is compatible with other browser extensions. It can work alongside other extensions without any issues, allowing you to maximize its benefits while using other tools to enhance your Amazon selling experience. You can see a list of Amazon extensions for sellers here

Does the AMZ Seller Browser have any limitations on the number of products it can track?

No, the AMZ Seller Browser does not have any limitations on the number of products it can track. You can track as many products as you want, making it a versatile tool for Amazon sellers.

Is the AMZ Seller Browser available for mobile devices?

Nope, the AMZ Seller Browser is not available for mobile devices. It can be downloaded as a free Chrome extension on your mobile browser only, so only desktop access will work since extensions are not very well supported across mobile devices


So, there you have it! AMZ Seller Browser is a must-have tool for Amazon sellers like you. With its time-saving features, valuable product data, and other advanced features, it’s no wonder that it’s trusted by so many.

Did you know that 90% of sellers who use AMZ Seller Browser see an increase in their sales within the first month? That’s right, this extension is a game-changer!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your business and make informed decisions. Try AMZ Seller Browser today and see the difference for yourself.



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