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Unlock The Power Of Sales Data!

Introducing the ultimate solution for Amazon and Walmart sellers! The powerful Ecom Circles Seller Extension suite is designed to help you unlock the full potential of your sales on these platforms. With the Ecom Circles chrome extension, you can easily get UPC codes, ASIN information, Keepa data, check items for IP complaints and restrictions, see sales estimates, and so much more!

Packed With Features To Help You Win!

The Ecom Circles Chrome Extension is loaded with extensive features to help you stay ahead of your competition.


Compatible with Amazon and Walmart

Most seller extensions are only restricted to Amazon. With Ecom Circles chrome extension, however,  you get the flexibility to gather all the information you need about a product, conduct research, analyze pricing, monitor Keepa graphs, and lots more on both Amazon and Walmart.

Our software is the ideal tool for sellers on both Amazon and Walmart, as it gives you the opportunity to compare prices between these two online retail marketplaces so you can make the best business decision for your Amazon and/or Walmart storefront.

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Stay Informed With Useful Product Information

In addition to displaying the Walmart UPC codes, this software provides important product information such as the internal product ID, item ID, product attributes like color, and other useful information on Walmart and Amazon product pages.

Furthermore, you can view product details such as product dimensions, manufacturer, customer review data, etc. by simply hovering over item images on Amazon or Walmart category pages.


Access UPC Codes With Ease

The Ecom Circles Extension tool automatically pulls UPC data on Amazon and Walmart  so you do not have to hunt for it within page source code. 

The tool completely streamlines your listing and product research process by displaying this code on product pages, category pages, and search pages, making it easier to access this information with minimal stress. 

If products do not have UPC codes on Walmart, you have nothing to worry about with the Ecom Circles chrome extension. The software will pull the code from other sources, such as Amazon, with 100% accuracy.

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View Valuable Stats On Category Pages

With Ecom Circles Extension, you can see important stats on product category pages such as the number of FBA, FBM, or WFS (for Walmart) sellers, item rank, item price without Amazon or Walmart fees, and so on. 

You also get to see whether the item is sold and shipped by Amazon and Walmart.

This information will help you make profitable decisions concerning aspects of your business such as pricing, inventory, and shipping. 


Get Keepa Graphs and Price History Data

With the Ecom Circles seller extension, you’ll be able to track product prices and monitor trends on both Amazon and Walmart. You’ll have access to Keepa charts that provide in-depth price history, enabling you to see price changes over time. This powerful data will give you a competitive advantage, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business.

You will also have access to price history graphs which you can sort by hour, day, month, year, all-time data, and custom date ranges. This makes it easier for you to drill down on certain data points to make an informed decision on your product listing.

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Stay Protected With Item Restriction Checker

Our Google Chrome extension protects your Walmart Seller Center by identifying problematic and restricted products before you list them.

We show 3 levels of warnings inside of our application which are:

  1. No Issues: As far as we know, there have not been any reports against sellers from this brand
  2. Warning: This brand has been reported to have filed complaints against sellers on other platforms, but not necessarily on Walmart. Not all complaints could be verified, so we consider these a “warning” only.
  3. Do Not List: These are brands for which we have verified that either the brand owner has issues a formal complaint through a cease & desist letter or taken action against a seller through Walmart. We highly recommended not listing these brands unless you have a direct relationship with the brand owner.

The Best Chrome Extension You Need To Research Profitable Products!

Free Plan

$ 0 Monthly
  • View product rank on Amazon and Walmart index pages
  • View number of sellers on Amazon and Walmart index pages
  • Hover over product image to view useful product details
  • See product 'Sold By' info in Amazon and Walmart pages

Basic Plan

$ 15 Monthly
  • Everything in the Free Plan
  • View Walmart UPC and other product info on Walmart product pages
  • View Amazon UPC, ASIN, and Product Attributes on Amazon product pages
  • View price and stock history data on Amazon and Walmart

Standard Plan

$ 27 Monthly
  • Everything in Free and Basic plans
  • IP Claim Checker
  • Hazmat Checker (requires Amazon API connection to seller account)
  • Restriction Checker (requires Amazon API connection to seller account)
  • FBA & WFS Calculators

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