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Walmart seller tool chrome extension

Unlock The Power Of Sales Data!

Introducing the ultimate solution for Walmart sellers! The powerful Ecom Circles Walmart Sellers extension suite is designed to help you unlock the full potential of your sales on these platforms. With the Ecom Circles chrome extension, you can easily get UPC codes, ASIN information, check items for IP complaints and restrictions, see sales estimates, and so much more!

Chock-Full With Features To Help You Win!

The Ecom Circles Walmart seller tool is packed with features to make you stay ahead of the competition.

Walmart seller tool extension

Access Walmart UPC Code With Ease

The Ecom Circles Walmart seller tool suite automatically pulls UPC data from Walmart so you do not have to hunt for it within page source code. It completely streamlines your listing process by displaying this code on every Walmart product page, which you can then copy and paste on your seller center.

What’s even more interesting, is that even if Walmart does not show the UPC code of a particular item, this extension will pull the code from other sources with 100% accuracy to make your listing process less frustrating. 

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Stay Informed With Useful Product Information

In addition to displaying the Walmart UPC codes, this software provides product information such as the Walmart internal product ID, item ID (usually called Walmart SKU), product attributes like color, and other useful information to help you decide whether you will be profitable listing the product or not.

You also have the ability to compare product prices on Walmart with that on Amazon. This tool makes it possible with the one-click Amazon search feature. 


See Profits In Real-Time

The Ecom Circles Walmart seller tool displays the amount that you would get for selling any item on for the current list price after Walmart takes their seller fees.

The software takes into consideration the product category fees on Walmart so you can rest assured that the calculations are accurate all of the time. This helps you competitively price your products and accurately estimate your profits quickly.

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View Valuable Stats On Category Pages

With our Walmart Seller tool suite, you can see important stats on product category pages. This includes data points such as the number of sellers, item rank (if Walmart gives it one), whether the item has 2-day shipping or not already, and whether the item is sold and shipped by Walmart or not. 

This information helps you make profitable decisions concerning aspects of your business such as pricing, inventory, and shipping. 


Get Price History and Stock Data

If you have used a Keepa chart for Amazon before, you will appreciate this feature from our Walmart Seller Tool. Like the Keepa chart, this tool tracks Walmart’s stock and prices and displays them on an easy-to-read graph. 

You can sort the graph by the hour, day, month, year, all-time data, and custom date ranges. This makes it easier for you to drill down on certain data points to make an informed decision on your product listing.

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Stay Protected With Item Restriction Checker

Our Google Chrome extension protects your Walmart Seller Center by identifying problematic and restricted products before you list them.

We show 3 levels of warnings inside of our application which are:

  1. No Issues: As far as we know, there have not been any reports against sellers from this brand
  2. Warning: This brand has been reported to have filed complaints against sellers on other platforms, but not necessarily on Walmart. Not all complaints could be verified, so we consider these a “warning” only.
  3. Do Not List: These are brands for which we have verified that either the brand owner has issues a formal complaint through a cease & desist letter or taken action against a seller through Walmart. We highly recommended not listing these brands unless you have a direct relationship with the brand owner.

The only platform you need to build and grow a successful business on Amazon.

Free Plan

$ 0 Monthly
  • Show rank on product pages, category pages, and search pages
  • Show if product is sold by Amazon/Walmart, is FBA/FBM, etc. and the number of sellers on category and search pages
  • Show category and ASIN/Item ID on product pages, category pages, and search pages

Basic Plan

$ 15 Monthly
  • Show Walmart UPC on Walmart product pages along with Item IDs
  • Show Amazon UPC on the product page of Amazon along with the ASIN
  • Show Home Depot UPC on product page of Home Depot
  • Show item-level add more later maybe)

Standard Plan

$ 27 Monthly
  • Show price and stock history on all items for Amazon and Walmart
  • IP Claim Checker
  • Hazmat Checker (requires Amazon API connection to seller account)
  • Restriction Checker (requires Amazon API connection to seller account)
  • FBA & WFS Calculators

Standard Plan Plus

$ 47 Monthly
  • All of the above
  • Show sales estimates (we were calculating these in the scanner and should hopefully have them in some global DB somewhere)
  • Support for marketplaces outside of US (Amazon and Walmart)
  • Support for VAT calculations
  • Note if items are Small and Light
  • Ability to Like & Dislike items
  • Add Product Notes

Everything Plan

$ 97 Monthly
  • Filter items on category pages by rank, sold by Amazon or not, < X FBA sellers, < X FBM sellers, price, etc. Filters should work on Amazon and Walmart
  • Get Quantity of Items for each seller like Online Seller Addon
  • Scrape tool like OAX-Ray or OAG's Gravity extension
  • Scrape tools like amz-scraper
  • Ability to one-click list items to Ecom Circles
  • Integration with Ecom Circles

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