13 Best Amazon Online Arbitrage Tools for Sellers in 2024

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Selling on Amazon requires not just a good understanding of the marketplace but also a strategic approach, especially when it comes to online arbitrage.

This process, where sellers purchase products at lower prices and resell them for a profit on Amazon, is highly competitive and dynamic.

The importance of utilizing specialized tools in this venture cannot be overstated. These tools provide vital insights into pricing, market trends, and profitability, enabling sellers to make swift and informed decisions.

Recognizing the crucial role these tools play, we have done the extensive legwork to research the best Amazon online arbitrage tools for you, so you don’t have to. This way, you can focus on maximizing your business potential with the right resources at your disposal.

11 Best Amazon Online Arbitrage Tools

Here are the top amazon online arbitrage tools you will need for your success in this business venture:

1. Ecom Circles Automated Dropshipping Software

The Ecom Circles Automated Dropshipping Software is designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of dropshipping businesses.

It focuses on automating key aspects like stock management, repricing, and order placement, aiming to simplify the dropshipping process on multiple platforms.

Ecom Circles Automated Dropshipping Software for Amazon Inventory Management

Features and Capabilities
  • Automated listing of items individually or in bulk.
  • Frequent and automatic updates of stock and prices across platforms.
  • Competitor price analysis for automated repricing.
  • Order management with status updates throughout the dropshipping process.
  • Automated tracking upload and order placement with suppliers.
  • A dashboard providing key metrics like sales, profits, expenses, and more.
Pricing and Plans

Ecom Circles offers a free 14-day trial for the automated dropshipping software.

Use Case/Application

This software is ideal for dropshippers operating across various e-commerce platforms, looking to automate and scale their business.

By managing several key functions automatically, it allows users to focus on strategic aspects of their business, like market expansion and product selection.

2. Ecom Circles Extension

The Ecom Circles Extension is a Chrome extension tool designed to provide critical sales data for Amazon and Walmart sellers. It aims to empower users with comprehensive information for making data-driven business decisions.

Ecom Circles Extension Keepa Chart on Amazon

Features and Capabilities
  • Compatible with both Amazon and Walmart platforms.
  • Displays product data like product ID, item ID, and UPC codes.
  • Provides stats on category pages, price history, and stock data charts.
  • Includes an item restriction checker.
  • Ability to compare prices between Amazon and Walmart.
Pricing and Plans
  • Free Extension Plan: Offers basic features like UPC display, product rank view, and FBA & WFS calculators at no cost.
  • Ecom Circles Basic: Priced at $27 per month, including all features in the Free Plan plus additional tools like unlimited UPC display, IP claim checker, and access to the Ecom Circles Dashboard.
Use Case/Application

The Ecom Circles Extension is suitable for sellers on Amazon and Walmart who need comprehensive product research and pricing strategy tools. It enables sellers to conduct in-depth market analysis and optimize their pricing and product selection to stay competitive

3. Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator 

The Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator is a tool designed to help sellers on Amazon estimate their potential profits and understand various costs associated with using Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service.

It provides a clear view of how different fulfillment methods can impact the seller’s bottom line.

Features and Capabilities
  • Real-time cost comparison between FBA and other fulfillment methods.
  • Detailed breakdown of Amazon fees, fulfillment costs, monthly storage fees, and estimated profit margins.
  • Customizable inputs for accurate cost estimations.
Pricing and Plans

The Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator is available for free. It is a valuable tool for all Amazon sellers, regardless of the scale of their operation.

Use Case/Application

This tool is particularly useful for sellers engaging in online arbitrage on Amazon. It allows them to quickly analyze the cost-effectiveness of different products when considering FBA for fulfillment.

By inputting the cost of goods and other relevant details, sellers can estimate their potential profit margins, helping them make more informed decisions about which products to sell and the best fulfillment method to use.

4. Keepa

Keepa is a widely recognized tool in the world of Amazon online arbitrage, renowned for its comprehensive price tracking and sales data capabilities.

It serves as an invaluable resource for sellers looking to understand market trends and pricing history.


Features and Capabilities
  • Detailed price history charts.
  • Sales rank tracking to gauge product popularity.
  • Alerts for price drops or availability changes.
  • Data on product ratings and review counts.
  • Extensive coverage across Amazon’s global marketplaces.
Pricing and Plans

Keepa offers both a free version with limited features and a premium version priced at approximately $23 per month, providing full access to its advanced tracking and alerting capabilities.

Use Case/Application

Keepa is essential for arbitrageurs who need to make informed purchasing decisions based on price trends and product demand.

Its ability to track historical pricing and sales data helps sellers identify the right time to buy and sell products, maximizing their profitability in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

5. Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is a robust tool designed for Amazon sellers engaged in online arbitrage. It automates the process of finding profitable products across a multitude of online retail sources.

Features and Capabilities
  • Extensive database of over 1000 online stores for sourcing deals.
  • Automated deal analysis showing profit, ROI, and price history.
  • Reverse search capabilities to track where competitors source their products.
  • Filtering options to tailor searches to specific seller needs.
Pricing and Plans

Tactical Arbitrage is available at a price of $70 per month, offering comprehensive features for dedicated online arbitrage sellers.

Use Case/Application

This tool is ideal for sellers who want to scale their Amazon arbitrage business by efficiently finding and comparing profitable products across various online retailers.

Tactical Arbitrage simplifies the process of identifying products with high resale potential on Amazon, saving time and increasing the chances of success in online arbitrage.

6. SellerBoard

SellerBoard is an advanced profit analytics service tailored for Amazon sellers, offering a suite of tools to enhance various aspects of their business, including online arbitrage.

Features and Capabilities
  • Real-time profit tracking and analytics.
  • Inventory management and automatic restock alerts.
  • Tools for managing follow-up mail campaigns.
  • Reimbursements for lost and damaged stock.
  • PPC optimizer and listing change alerts.
  • Tracking of FBA errors and account health.
Pricing and Plans

SellerBoard offers its services starting at $15 per month, providing a cost-effective solution for sellers of all scales.

Use Case/Application

SellerBoard is particularly useful for online arbitrage sellers who need to manage multiple aspects of their Amazon business efficiently.

From tracking profits and expenses to managing inventory and PPC campaigns, it provides a comprehensive view of a seller’s business health, aiding in more informed decision-making and strategy planning.

7. IP-Alert by Seller Assistant

IP-Alert by Seller Assistant is a specialized tool for Amazon sellers, designed to protect them from inadvertently selling products that might infringe on intellectual property (IP) rights.

Features and Capabilities
  • Quick checks of Amazon products for IP complaints.
  • Access to a constantly updated database of IP complaints.
  • Identification of the type and date of IP complaints filed against products.
Pricing and Plans

This valuable tool is offered for free, making it accessible to all Amazon sellers, regardless of their scale of operations.

Use Case/Application

IP-Alert is particularly vital for online arbitrage sellers who want to avoid the risk of account suspension due to IP infringement.

It allows sellers to proactively check potential products for any IP issues before adding them to their inventory, ensuring a safer and more compliant business operation on Amazon.

8. RepricerExpress

RepricerExpress is a dynamic repricing software designed for Amazon sellers, offering a sophisticated approach to adjusting product prices automatically for optimized profit margins.

Features and Capabilities
  • Automatic price adjustments to maximize profit margins.
  • Pre-made, tested repricing strategies in the form of easily customizable templates.
  • Responsive repricing that adapts to market changes and competitor pricing.
Pricing and Plans

RepricerExpress is available for around $79 per month, offering a comprehensive solution for sellers looking to stay competitive with their pricing strategies.

Use Case/Application

This tool is particularly beneficial for online arbitrage sellers who need to adjust prices quickly in response to market changes.

RepricerExpress ensures that their products remain competitively priced, enhancing the chances of winning sales and maximizing profits.

9. Source Mogul

Source Mogul is a comprehensive online sourcing tool, specifically designed for Amazon arbitrage sellers.

It employs automated scanning technology to provide access to millions of items, streamlining the process of finding profitable deals.

Features and Capabilities
  • Automated scanning of millions of items for profitable deals.
  • Filters to refine search results based on specific criteria.
  • Displays brand restrictions, current stock, historical data, product rank, and pricing trends.
Pricing and Plans

Source Mogul offers its services at a monthly fee of $97, positioning itself as a premium tool for serious online arbitrage practitioners.

Use Case/Application

This tool is ideal for Amazon sellers who are looking to scale their online arbitrage business. Source Mogul saves time by automating the process of finding and comparing deals, allowing sellers to quickly identify products with high resale potential on Amazon.

10. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is a renowned price tracking tool for Amazon, offering detailed historical price data for a wide range of products.

It’s highly regarded for its ease of use and comprehensive price tracking capabilities.

CamelCamelCamel price history graph

Features and Capabilities
  • Extensive price history charts for numerous Amazon products.
  • Price drop alerts and Amazon price fluctuation tracking.
  • Wishlist import for personalized tracking.
  • Browser extension for easy access.
Pricing and Plans

CamelCamelCamel is available for free, making it an accessible tool for all levels of Amazon sellers.

Use Case/Application

Ideal for online arbitrage sellers, CamelCamelCamel aids in making informed purchasing decisions by providing historical price data.

Sellers can track price trends to buy low and sell high, optimizing their profit margins on Amazon.

11. FeedbackFive

FeedbackFive is a highly rated feedback and review management software for Amazon sellers, designed to automate feedback and review requests, thereby enhancing the seller’s presence and reputation on Amazon.

Trusted by a vast number of sellers globally, FeedbackFive is recognized for its efficiency and compliance with Amazon’s policies​​.

Features and Capabilities
  • Enables sellers to monitor reviews for their products and competing ASINs, providing detailed review data and the ability to track trends over time​.
  • Offers SMS and email alerts for new reviews and feedback, especially useful for promptly addressing negative customer experiences.
  • Tailored to help professional sellers manage their reputation by automating the process of requesting Amazon feedback and reviews​​.
  • Has additional features like listing alerts, further protecting and monitoring the seller’s brand on Amazon​​.
Pricing and Plans

Feedback & Reviews Plan: Starts at $24/month, covering up to 2,000 orders per month, and scales up for larger order volumes. This plan includes review automation, custom email requests, analytics, review monitoring, feedback alerts, and connectivity across up to 17 marketplaces​.

Reviews + Product Alerts Plan: Begins at $34/month, offering all features of the Feedback & Reviews plan, plus search suppression notifications, hijacker and adult flag alerts, buy box alerts, listing status changes, and more​.

Use Case/Application

FeedbackFive is ideal for Amazon sellers who prioritize maintaining and improving their seller reputation. It’s particularly useful for those engaged in online arbitrage, where customer feedback and product reviews significantly impact sales and visibility.

The tool’s automation and alert features enable sellers to stay on top of customer feedback, address issues promptly, and leverage positive reviews to boost their Amazon business.

The ability to monitor and respond to reviews efficiently helps sellers maintain a strong, positive presence on Amazon, which is crucial for long-term success in a highly competitive marketplace.

12. CapitalOne Extension

The CapitalOne Extension, likely similar to CapitalOne Shopping, is a browser extension designed to help online shoppers, including Amazon customers, find savings through coupons, price comparisons, and rewards.

While not specifically created for online arbitrage, its features can be beneficial in this arena.

Features and Capabilities
  • The extension searches for and applies available coupon codes at checkout, potentially offering savings.
  • Automatically compares prices of products across different retailers, including Amazon, to ensure users get the best deal.
  • Users can earn rewards when shopping at certain retailers, which can be redeemed for gift cards.
  • Allows users to track products and get notified about price drops, which is useful for purchasing products at the lowest price.
Pricing and Plans

Typically, browser extensions like the CapitalOne Extension are free to download and use. There might not be any subscription plans or fees associated with its use.

Use Case/Application

While the CapitalOne Extension is not tailored for Amazon online arbitrage, it can indirectly aid in this venture. Arbitrageurs can use its price comparison and coupon features to purchase products at lower prices and resell them on Amazon at a higher price.

The watchlist and price alerts are particularly useful for tracking potential arbitrage opportunities. It’s a tool more suited for individual savings and small-scale resellers rather than large-scale arbitrage operations.

13. Cashback Monitor

Cashback Monitor is a tool designed to assist online shoppers and resellers in maximizing their savings and earnings through cashback, points, and miles.

While not exclusively for Amazon online arbitrage, its functionalities can be advantageous for arbitrageurs looking to optimize their purchases.

Features and Capabilities
  • Cashback Monitor tracks and compares cashback rates, travel miles, and reward points across various shopping portals and loyalty programs.
  • The tool offers up-to-date information on the best cashback and reward offers available for a wide range of retailers, including Amazon.
  • Users can set up alerts for changes in cashback rates or rewards for specific retailers or products.
  • Allows quick access to the latest cashback and reward rates directly from a retailer’s webpage.
Pricing and Plans

Cashback Monitor is typically a free tool, accessible to all users without any subscription fees.

Its revenue model might be based on affiliate links rather than user subscriptions.

Use Case/Application

For Amazon online arbitrage sellers, Cashback Monitor serves as a supplementary tool to enhance profit margins.

By identifying the highest cashback or reward rates available for their purchases, arbitrageurs can effectively reduce their buying costs.

This tool is especially beneficial for those who frequently purchase inventory online, as even small percentages of cashback can accumulate significantly over time.

However, it’s important to note that while Cashback Monitor can aid in reducing purchase costs, it does not directly assist with the core aspects of online arbitrage, such as product sourcing or market analysis.




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