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Hazmat & Item Restriction Checker

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Why Get an Hazmat & Item Restriction Checker?

An Intellectual Property (IP) claim on Walmart and Amazon is a legal process that allows a brand owner to protect their intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents, from infringement by third-party sellers. When a brand owner files an IP claim, they can request that the marketplace remove any listings or products that infringe on their intellectual property. Both Walmart and Amazon have strict policies and procedures in place to handle IP claims, and sellers who violate these policies risk account suspension or even legal action.

Hazmat” is short for “hazardous materials.” These are items that can pose a risk to health, safety, or property if not properly handled or shipped. On Walmart and Amazon, hazmat items are subject to strict regulations, and sellers must follow certain guidelines when listing, storing, and shipping these products. That is why sellers are advised to steer clear of Hazmat items

As a seller on Walmart or Amazon, you need to protect your account from suspension by not listing these products. There are hundreds of these products and going through a database manually to check if an item is an Hazmat product or has an IP claim can be stressful. That is where the Ecom Circles Hazmat Checker proves helpful 

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List Your Products Confidently with Our IP and Hazmat Checker by Your Side!

By using the Ecom Circles IP claim and hazmat checker solution, you can avoid listing items that are restricted by Walmart and Amazon.

This protects your account from receiving any warning or suspension from the platform, ensuring your business continues to run smoothly.


Keep Your Amazon and Walmart Listings Safe and Compliant

 Getting claims against your seller account for infringing on intellectual property (IP), copyrights, or trademarks should be avoided, and we help you do it! 

We maintain the largest database of brands which are likely to file complaints against your seller account. We show 3 levels of warnings inside of our application which are:

Hazmat & Item Restriction Checker:
Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get The Hazmat Checker?

The Hazmat and Item Restriction Checker is a tool within the Ecom Circles Extension. Once you get the Extension, you automatically get the item restriction checker. 

Note that this solution is only available to Extension users on the Standard Plan.

How Much Does The Hazmat and Item Restriction Checker Cost?

The Hazmat and Item Restriction checker is available on the Standard Plan of the Ecom Circles Extension. This plan costs $27 per month.