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Automation Companies Intro

Automation companies have been incredibly popular over the past few years as retail dropshipping on Amazon reached its peak around 2020. Most people credit Tommy Rodriquez (TRod) with creating the business model (and he credits himself).

Several other agency owners claim to have worked with him or for him before heading off on their own to start their own agencies. Since TRod started Automation Empire roughly 8 years ago, the industry has seen several changes and several new players.

In the beginning, Amazon Automation companies would typically run the retail dropship model where items would be listed for sale on Amazon and then dropshipped from retail suppliers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Around 2019, Walmart started allowing sellers on its platform, and several Automation companies created a Walmart Automation division as well.

Since then, both Amazon and Walmart have taken aim at dropshippers and made the retail-dropshipping model nearly impossible to do long-term without getting temporarily or permanently banned from either the marketplace.

These changes led to major upheaval in the industry as Amazon and Walmart closed down 10s of 1000s of seller accounts while also making it more difficult to get new accounts opened.

These account closures pushed agencies to explore other models of selling on Amazon and Walmart such as 2-step dropshipping, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), and Warehouse Fulfillment as well as to other marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shops, Shopify, and even Etsy and Poshmark.

Not all agencies charge the same or give equal results. On this page, we have endeavored to collect as much information as we can about as many automation companies as we could.

If you have more information to contribute, please get in touch here and let us know what you know, good or bad. Please note that this information provided here may not be accurate. Past performance is no guarantee of future success, profits, or earnings. Agency results can vary widely.


Ecom Authority

Ecom Authority also offers a “Done for You” Ecommerce service, where they build, source, and ship inventory for clients. They claim that their collective buying power enables them to source name brand products at wholesale pricing. They stand with their partners for success and provide concierge support and customer service.

They provide a Wholesale FBA Method, which involves sourcing profitable wholesale products for partner stores. If the inventory doesn’t sell within 90 days, they offer a Buyback Program where they either buy back or replace the inventory with different items or they allow their partners to sell their store back if they don’t make their initial investment back within 18-24 months. Ecom Authority focuses on increasing access to household brands through collective buying power, and partners can decide how much inventory to order and send to their store. The profit is seen after the store profits, and the partner keeps the majority depending on the store package.


Key People

The company is led by CEO Dan Cohen, who has over 10 years of experience in supply chain and online retail, and Co-Founder Dawson Gant, who has a successful track record in B2C sales, real estate, and e-commerce education. Overall, Ecom Authority offers a range of services to help clients succeed in the ecommerce industry.



TruEcom’s Amazon FBM service offers a comprehensive solution to handle ALL aspects of running an FBM business on Amazon, from sourcing products and managing inventory to fulfilling orders and handling customer service. In short, they try to make it as simple as it gets to get their clients started on Amazon.

The first step is to sign up for an Amazon FBM service today, and their team will take it into their hands to get your business set up and running smoothly on Amazon.

The good news is the customers do not need an LLC to start but you can get one (recommender.) One more recommendation is to have at least $15-$20k in credit available for purchasing inventory.


  • $18,200,000 combined Amazon Sales Since 2019!
  • 50+ clients & counting
  • 38% Amazon’s growth YOY from 2019-2020

Their 3-step process:

  • Account Set Up
  • Build & Launch
  • Free Yourself


  • Jamil Khan – Director at Truecom Networks Pvt Ltd
  • Sanjeev Das – Co-founder and Director


Lunar Amazon and Walmart Automation

Lunar Automation, run by influencer Ryan Pineda, offers a service selling done-for-you Amazon and Walmart stores.

The experience of Lunar Automation has been marred by issues related to Walmart dropshipping. Dropshippers using Walmart have faced suspensions and terminations, leading to complaints on platforms like Reddit and YouTube.

Initially, Walmart had a low suspension rate, but suddenly started suspending stores without clear reasons.

Lunar Ecom fought to reinstate suspended stores, but faced a second wave of suspensions that included newly set up stores with no sales. After a month, Walmart terminated all stores without warnings, even those with sales.

Many stores and accounts in the industry encountered similar problems. Lunar Ecom decided to turn off all active Walmart stores due to the uncertainty and switched customers who paid for automated Walmart stores back to Amazon.

Although Lunar Ecom may revisit Walmart in the future, for now, it remains on pause. This experience has highlighted the challenges and expenses involved in automated e-commerce stores, making them unappealing. Source.


Apical E-commerce

Apical Ecommerce is an Amazon automation company that seems to offer private label stores.

The information about their company and their founders on the web is pretty sparse, so at this time, we have no details about their offer, their clients, or much else about them.

Stated Experience

  • $150M+ generated for clients
  • 150+ Clients
  • 300+ Brands Launched
  • 7 Years of experience

Their 4 Pillars

  • Business formation & Amazon store setup
  • Product research, development, and acquisition
  • Product launch on Amazon
  • Brand Acquisition

Key People Associated with Apical E-commerce (according to the Web)

Kodi “King” Brown – CEO

His proven track record in international business and innovative approach have brought Apical LLC expertise in managing various overseas contractors, suppliers, and global accounts that sell with Apical in the US.

Seneca Hampton – Head of Product R&D

Keegan Saard – Director of Operations

He collaborates with teams to ask (a lot of) questions, define new (and sometimes innovative) approaches and execute solutions comprising strategy, ops, tech, and UX.

David – Head Developer


Wealth Assistants

Wealth Assistants is an Amazon automation company. Wealth Assistants is an e-commerce management service helping people acquire, build, scale, and maintain their online e-commerce businesses in a done-for-you approach.

They promise a 100% buy-back guarantee if the customers don’t get mutually agreed upon success, giving them back their peace of mind too. Their partnership with provides access to cutting-edge technologies and resources that allow the customer to enjoy a wide range of services.

Not only that, they offer flexible pricing options to fit any budget, making it easy for you to get started with a professional, successful Amazon business.


  • Team of 500+ people
  • $90M in revenue generated on stores their teams have worked on
  • Help store owners exit their business for 3-5x multiples
  • Store owners can spend up to $500k/mo. on inventory after year 1


  • Guaranteed money back in year one or they will pay the difference.
  • 70/30 split

Their 10-step process

  • Get Started
  • Onboarding with a new business setup
  • Their team finds “drop shippable” products and lists them
  • Optimizes those products with “special software”
  • They manage shipments and returns
  • Add Amazon listings each month with the goal of 25-50
  • Buy the selling items for Amazon FBA
  • Bulk order the winning products from steps 3-6 and ship them to the prep center in California
  • Quality check products and then ship them to Amazon
  • Rinse and repeat

Key People Associated with Wealth Assistants:

  • Founder = Ryan Carroll
  • Operations = Noah Wickham
  • Team Members
  • Nick Arnot
  • Brandon Andrews
  • Nate Fancher
  • Matt Crouch
  • Jake Marfoglia
  • Matt Piccirillo
  • Max Day
  • Eric Schwertfeger
  • Daniel Seyffert


$55,000/store + option to buy aged account


Wealth Assistants Proforma


Ace Automation Group

Ace Automation Group is an Amazon automation company run by a stellar team of people. Founded by Carlos and Joslyn Colon, ACE Automation has been a pioneer in the automation agency space.

Unlike many other automation companies, ACE offers a monthly subscription model which is different than the commonly-used profit sharing model.

ACE’s stated mission is to connect its clients to opportunities that generate income through long-term, sustainable e-commerce businesses, digital real estate, and other endeavors.


ACE Automation Group offers one of the most flexible payment plans from any agency. Their plans for Amazon stores are as follows:

Fulfillment by Merchant

$35,000 one time and then a 65/35 split of net profit in favor of the client (or alternatively $549/mo.) or alternatively, they offer a lower one-time fee at $9,997 one time and then a higher subscription at $997/mo.

Fulfillment by Amazon

$55,000 one time and then a 65/35 split of net profit in favor of the client (or alternatively $749/mo.) or alternatively, they offer a lower one-time fee at $19,997 on time and then $1,497/mo.


$5000 Deposit for the Application Fee
$35,000 (includes deposit) for Store Management with either $997/mo. or 65/35 profit split

Note that switching from a profit share to a monthly subscription mid-contract is not permitted.

ACE Automation also offers YouTube automation.


250+ Stores Under Management

Their 4 Steps

  • Book an introductory call
  • Invest in an Amazon store
  • Let their team manage your store end-to-end
  • Watch your residual income grow

Key People

  • Carlos Colon
  • Ryan Adkins


Ecom Autopilot

Ecom Autopilot is a complete automation solution for your Amazon and Walmart stores from the day they are created and transforming them into steady passive income businesses.

They are known for their proven and proprietary Amazon & Walmart automation formula to provide investors with steady sales growth and passive income.

They create a professionally designed website for you and set up all of the other necessary accounts on Walmart themselves.

Their three-step process:

  • One-time upfront investment
  • Pay the credits for the first batch and inventory restocking
  • Make a vision
  • Stated Experience
  • 15 years of trading experience


OneUp Services (Previously Nxt Lvl Services, aka Ecom Support)

One Up Services is the pioneer e-commerce automation company, which has changed how Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook automation is done, by changing the process to an FBM, (Fulfillment by Merchant), model.

From having multiple warehouses that are strategically placed around the country, they tend to control the products being shipped to the customers without violating any of Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook’s terms of service.

They have trained themselves to help their clients to avoid store suspensions and terminations that clients of other companies in this space are facing.


  • 29 years of experience
  • $638 Million USD in Daily Amazon Sales


$25k USD to establish the business, and 35%​ of the store’s net profit as a monthly management fee.​


DBC Limited

DBC Limited was founded in 2017 to provide holistic management of Amazon and Amazon FBA Stores. DBC tries its best to get the Online Store Owner the peace of mind that their store will stay compliant, and will be managed with integrity, transparency, and efficiency.

Most of the clients are looking to own their own businesses or add another channel to their already prosperous and successful business ventures. They are inspired by that very vision and are committed to offering you a suite of complimentary services.


  • 10 years of experience
  • Their four-step process:
  • Preliminary Work
  • Strategic Planning
  • Work Begins
  • Management

Key People

  • Mitch Holt
  • Nate Lapish (no longer with the company)


Legacy Ecom

Legacy Ecom Automation has a team of experts that automate the process and handle every single aspect of your store. Being in the industry for 20 years to making their way to the feature in MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider, they’ve come a long way, and rightfully so.

They have made a name for themselves by building and managing high revenue generating marketplace including Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Walmart.


22 years of experience


David Reed – With experience working at renowned companies such as MGM Resorts International, Hilton, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts, David Reed recently left a 20-year career in the hospitality industry to become a full-time innovative entrepreneur.


Opulent Supply

Opulent Supply is an Automation company which also offers a 3PL/Prep service that presents a range of offerings that aims to address several facets of e-commerce logistics. They help fulfill orders for Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify sellers.

They also provide storage solutions, and handle returns for these platforms.

Key People

  • Mike Krel
  • Vilson S

Methods of Selling

  • FBA
  • 2-Step


  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Shopify
  • eBay

Hardway Enterprises

Hardway Enterprises

Key People

  • Matt Brannan

Methods of Selling

  • 2-Step
  • FBA
  • Warehouse fulfillment


AutoMate My Store

They had a journey from one WooCommerce store to building their own automation agency called AutoMate My Store to automate everything.

From the point where a customer places an order to the settlement in bookkeeping and repurchase of inventory, everything is automated (though you can manually intervene at any point in time.)


7 years of experience

Apex Automation

The Apex Automation team creates long-term, trusting, and authentic business relationships built on integrity that result in clients getting the highest quality solutions to achieve optimal production and operational excellence.

The information about the automation side of their business on the web is pretty sparse, so at this time, we have no details about what they’re offering.


11+ years of experience

Their Process

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Automation
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance


A1 Ecom Inc

A1 Ecom was founded back in late 2019 to provide a turnkey solution for any investor looking to capitalize on e-commerce opportunities.

They have a fully automated management team and AI software so that their clients have the luxury of leisure and passive income.

Their 3-step Process

  • Store Set-up Process
  • Store Goes Live
  • Store Management


4 years of experience


  • Sean Huley
  • Marco and Team


Automation Alliance

Automation Alliance is an experienced Engineering Services Company based in Perth, Western Australia specializing in the design, implementation, programming, and commissioning of Automation & Control Systems.

The information about the automation side of their business on the web is pretty sparse, so at this time, we have no details about what they’re offering.


Over 4 years of experience


Unicorn Automations

Unicorn Automations is one of the leading e-commerce automation agencies running across India. They started in the year 2019 as a Wholesaler Distributor, Trader, and supplier of DRO Systems and manufacturer of a wide range of AC drives, etc. situated in Ghaziabad. Now they have started to provide Walmart store automation services.


Over 4 years of experience


  • Ravi Kumar
  • Zakir Khan
  • Ankita Pal


Ecom Solutions

Ecom Solutions by Jason O’Neil focuses on selling directly to consumers which has huge its own advantages including up to 475% improved margins by cutting out the middleman. The benefits of this include having full control over your brand’s presence in online marketplaces.

They will handle everything for you from helping you get your brand registered on Amazon, all the way to helping with logistics and fulfillment.


Over 8 years of experience

Their Process

  • Analysis of the product offering using more than 10 key data points that help them identify excellent buying opportunities.
  • Find those opportunities to make suggestions to the network of buyers on what they should buy.
  • Purchase the products from you
  • You ship the products to their warehouse.
  • We prepare the products and have them shipped to Amazon on the retail partner’s behalf.


Innovative Ecom

Innovative Ecom is a client-centric eCommerce growth agency, focusing on increasing access to automated online business ventures for our investors.

The Founders have had immense success in the online and business space, leading them to build out an automated eCommerce services program at a rate where quality, performance, and ethics take the forefront of every partnership.

Things Innovative Ecom is proud of:

Stress-Free Onboarding
Hands-Free Passive Income
Fully Transparent And Ethically Sound
We Manage Our Teams Directly


Over 7 years of experience


  • Mike Alba – Founder and CEO
  • Nicole – Head Of Operations
  • Razi – SVP of Training and Partner Development



Elite Automation

Elite Automation is a one-stop Automation company providing clients with passive income solutions. Elite Automation offers end-to-end management services, they help their customers grow and scale their very own Automated Amazon FBA store.

Over the years Elite has offered sustainable eCommerce solutions to stand out amongst the noise.

Elite Automation grants you the opportunity to invest in an automated Amazon Wholesale FBA business of your own.

Their 3-step process

  • Onboarding
  • Full-Time Management
  • Generate Revenue


Over 3 years


  • Katie Melissa – Founder
  • Nick James – Co-Founder



Amazopify is a professional Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and eBay store management company in Bangladesh. The goal is to make more and more successful store owners of their Amazon and Shopify stores by applying their unique and effective marketing strategy.

They can find winning products and do SEO for selling them on your store. They also take responsibility for managing customer support and handling dispute.


5+ years of experience


  • Faisal Ahmed – Chairman
  • Mominur Rahman – Chief Executive Officer
  • S.M. Taki Uddin – Managing Director


AO Elite

AO Elite is a Portfolio Agency of over 70+ brands and industries. They do Done For You Digital Assets, Marketing, & Sales Business Growth Systems to help their partners generate over $112 Million Dollars in revenue collection.

They’re behind the mission to provide the resources, fulfillment, infrastructure, and financial literacy to online consumers so they can leverage data and infrastructure to build, grow, and scale their very own lucrative Online Digital Assets.

They seek to provide their customers with a guaranteed 100% ROI in as little as 24 months. Generate revenue, compound equity, and grow and scale your asset that you can flip for a multiple to an investor.


3+ years of experience


  • Alexander Olave – Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Mini Valenzuela – Co-Founder & Director of Operations


Robert Vitelli

Robert Vitelliis a highly in-demand Business Strategist and Consultant as well as the author of several #1 International Best Selling books.

Robert Vitelli is the CEO of “Done For You Biz Solutions” and has a total of 22 years of e-commerce experience. He promises:

  • 18-Month 100% Income Guarantee
  • Product Research & Selection
  • Zero Renewal Fees / Hidden Charges
  • ​You Maintain 100% Ownership
  • 100% Automated E-Comm Stores
  • Order Processing & Fulfillment
  • 24 / 7 Customer Service
  • ​Returns & Customer Questions


22 years of experience



Enopoly is the premier e-commerce automation service provider based in Miami, Florida, they work for Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook.

They are familiar with creating automated digital enterprises for individuals with the capital and foresight to see lucrative business opportunities.

Their Three-step Process:

  • Onboarding Experience
  • Full-Service Management
  • Generate Revenue


Ez Automated Ecomm

Ez Ecomm is an e-commerce service provider for Amazon. In the five years that they’ve been in business, they seem to be pretty successful in creating sustainable relationships and long-term business goals and helping people get their tracks set for passive income.


5 years


Titan Network

Titan Network is a group of people who are themselves 7-8 figure sellers that know the proven tactics to help people be successful in their ventures. They promise growth, prosperity, clarity, and lots of profits.


  • Dan Ashburn – Co-founder
  • Athena Severi – Co-founder


Automation Empire

Automation Empire focuses on teamwork to work with their customers to maximize the potential of their Amazon investment, leveraging the experience they’ve got, industry-leading infrastructure, and distributor relationships to strengthen their e-commerce assets.

They swear by their values that can help you increase your visibility in the world’s #1 marketplace and add revenue streams that help you achieve your lifestyle goals.


  • $15,000 with a profit split of 30/70
  • $20,000 with a profit split of 50/50
  • $35,000 with a profit split of 70/30

Their 4-Step System

  • Qualify
  • Book an intro call
  • Start your Amazon Store
  • Start making money as they manage everything for you


  • 38 countries
  • $1.4 Billion client sales
  • 7 years of experience
  • 700+ clients

Key People

  • Tommy Rodriguez


Automation Junkies

Automation Junkeis is an automation business model for Amazon to provide a hands-free experience to their customers to allow them to have passive income from one of the fastest-growing industries in the world – online sales.

They distinguish themselves from their competitors by implementing a business-specific strategy for each of their clients. They will take care of literally everything i.e., purchase, inventory, warehouses, performances, messages, returns, storage limit cross, IP growth, and stats.


6 years


$45,000 with a requirement of $20,000 – $40,000 credit limits

Their 4-Step System

  • Book a call
  • Sign and invest
  • Onboarding
  • Launch


Viral Vamp

Like many other automation service providers, Viral Vamp is itself a successful seller which then shifted to providing clients with online management solutions. They offer end-to-end management services to help people grow and scale their very own Automated Amazon Store.

Three Step Process

  • Onboarding
  • Full-Time Management
  • Generate Sales


  • $5,000 to provide consulting services
  • $10,000 for the mentorship coaching program
  • $15,000 for Amazon Done With You program


7+ years of experience



After partnering with hundreds of entrepreneurs & business owners they have a proven track record of client success.

Whether you want to do wholesale, dropshipping, private label, or any e-commerce strategy, their innovative team and unmatched support will empower you to reach your goals.


  • 4 years
  • 307+ – Active Stores Under Management
  • $69.53M – Sales Generated In 2022
  • 13.07% – Average ROI


Amazon Ninjas

Amazon Ninjas has an experienced online entrepreneur team who have had tremendous success in selling on Amazon. They specialize in product research, product selection/analysis, backend optimization, product launch, and Amazon Sponsored Ads (PPC)


8+ years of experience

Modiv Automation

Modiv Automation is Done For You Amazon or Walmart Automation service run by Jose Salvador Torres, who has 3 years of experience leading a technical team 24/7/365. He is skilled in automation operations, procedures, and collaboration with various teams to achieve organizational goals.


10 years

225 client

Their 4-step Process

  1. Book a Call
  2. Presentation
  3. Sign Up
  4. Make Money


Other Agencies

  1. Brazilian Group
  2. Sharp Automation
  3. A2Z Automation – Manuel Campos
  4. AWL / Amazon Wholesale
  5. FMA Agency
  6. Digital Nomads – Sergei Fx Friver
  7. EZ Ecom
  8. Valiant Consultants
  9. Meem Obaidullah
  10. Primary Ecom Solutions
  11. Credit Antidote
  12. CP Global


Automation Companies that are Out of Business


Wealth Accelerators

In the realm of wealth generation, the idiom “time is money” holds true. As individuals and businesses seek to optimize their financial gains, the concept of automation has gained prominence. Wealth Accelerators, a specialized company, offers a range of services to facilitate accelerated wealth through automation.

Their services encompass various platforms such as Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, and the trucking industry. Automation, a process that employs technological advancements to perform tasks without human intervention, has revolutionized industries, particularly in trucking where self-driving vehicles and automated logistics systems have emerged.

Recognizing the potential for generating passive income, Wealth Accelerators guides individuals in identifying investment opportunities within these automated sectors. Passive income, referring to earnings obtained without active involvement, is a key objective for clients seeking consistent returns.

Wealth Accelerators’ expertise extends to YouTube automation, streamlining content creation processes, and identifying investment prospects in automated YouTube content creation tools. Additionally, they provide guidance on leveraging Amazon’s affiliate program to harness its potential for generating passive income.

Services Offered

Wealth Accelerators offers a range of services, including Amazon FBA, YouTube automation, trucking automation, and Facebook automation, to help individuals and businesses generate passive income and accelerate their wealth.

With Amazon FBA, individuals can take advantage of the e-commerce giant’s platform to sell products and earn profits without having to manage inventory or shipping.

YouTube automation allows content creators to streamline the content creation process, saving time and effort while maximizing views and revenue.

Trucking automation involves investing in companies that are leading the way in self-driving trucks and other automated systems, allowing individuals to earn dividends from the profits generated by these businesses.

Lastly, Facebook automation offers the opportunity to leverage the social media platform for advertising and generating income. Through these services, Wealth Accelerators aims to help clients create generational wealth through passive income streams.

Results for Clients

Clients of this company have experienced remarkable outcomes in their businesses. Wealth Accelerators has a proven track record of delivering results for their clients.

By utilizing their services, clients have been able to generate consistent profits and achieve financial success. Through their automation and optimization strategies, Wealth Accelerators has helped clients scale their businesses and maximize revenue generation.

With the support of their team of experts and access to their management and bookkeeping software, clients have been able to have full transparency and control over their businesses.

This level of organization and efficiency has allowed clients to focus on building their net worth and creating generational wealth.

Overall, Wealth Accelerators has been instrumental in helping clients achieve their passive income goals and accelerate their wealth.

Key People

  • Mike Sancho – CEO

Ecom Automation Group

The rise of the internet and the subsequent growth of e-commerce have revolutionized the way businesses operate. In this digital era, companies are constantly seeking ways to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

Ecom Automation Group (EAG), a prominent e-commerce company based in Orlando, FL, has emerged as a key player in this landscape. EAG specializes in fulfillment services for major online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook Marketplace.

With a track record of over 6 years and more than 200 successful clients, EAG has established itself as a trusted partner in helping entrepreneurs build profitable e-commerce businesses.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services, from A-Z, and prides itself on transparency and customer satisfaction. EAG’s commitment to its clients is evident in their provision of financing options, profit sharing, and even a $500 travel stipend for clients to visit their headquarters.

Services Offered

The Elite Automation Group offers a range of services, including fulfillment by Amazon, Walmart fulfillment services, and Facebook Marketplace automation, providing clients with the opportunity to build a prosperous e-commerce business and achieve financial success. With their expertise in these areas, they handle all aspects of a client’s store, from A-Z.

The fulfillment by Amazon service allows clients to leverage the power of Amazon’s logistics network, while Walmart fulfillment services offer efficient storage, packing, and shipping of orders. Additionally, Facebook Marketplace automation helps clients expand their reach and sell products to a wider audience.

With over 6 years of experience and over 200+ successful clients, the Elite Automation Group knows how to build a quality business that can potentially reach 6 and 7 figures in sales.

They offer financing options to help clients get started with no money down, and profit sharing ensures a mutually beneficial partnership.

Results for Clients

Clients of the Elite Automation Group have achieved significant results, with many experiencing substantial growth in their e-commerce businesses.

The company specializes in fulfillment by Amazon, Walmart fulfillment services, and Facebook Marketplace Automation, specifically FBA & WFS wholesale. They offer a comprehensive range of services, handling everything from A-Z on the clients’ stores.

With over 6 years of experience and more than 200 successful clients, the Elite Automation Group has the expertise to build quality businesses. While it may take time to reach 6 and 7 figures in sales, the company assures clients of consistent long-term income.

They also offer financing options, allowing clients to get started with no money down. The Elite Automation Group is committed to a transparent and mutually beneficial partnership with their clients, sharing in the success together.

Key People

Key individuals at the Elite Automation Group include Tyler Seijo, the dedicated account manager team, and the knowledgeable specialists who all contribute to the success and growth of the e-commerce businesses they support.

Tyler Seijo provides leadership and strategic guidance to the team, ensuring smooth operations and effective business strategies.

The dedicated account manager team, consisting of nearly 400 people, oversees the management of client accounts and helps with inventory sourcing, repackaging, customer care, and more.

Lastly, the knowledgeable specialists at Elite Automation Group possess expertise in various aspects of e-commerce, including fulfillment by Amazon, Walmart fulfillment services, and Facebook Marketplace automation.

They work closely with clients to handle all aspects of their store, from A-Z, and ensure the success and growth of their businesses.


Next Gen Strategic Investments

Next Gen Investments is an Amazon FBA automation company. Like most automation companies, they got their start in dropshipping but eventually transitioned to 2-step dropshipping.

They quickly transitioned again to an FBA model where they facilitate relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to acquire inventory for their customers. Update, Next Gen has removed all YouTube videos from YouTube and taken down their site.)

Next Gen takes their client success very seriously. For them, they only win when their clients do, so they make that their ambition day in and day out.

According to that same YouTube video, they now have custom software that helps them to track all of their clients’ FBA sales so that clients have transparency over the business.

Stated Experience

  • $87,646,328 Gross Sales for Clients
  • 120+ Stores Under Management
  • 150+ Team members

Their 4-Step process

  • Book an introductory call
  • Invest in an Amazon store
  • Let their team manage your store end-to-end
  • Watch your residual income grow

Key People Associated with Next Gen Strategic Investments

Pedro Sebasco – Co-Founder

Senior Sales Executive who has brilliantly transitioned to the entrepreneurial world and currently owns and or is a Founding Partner of Miami’s #1 Auto Brokering Company, Real Estate Investment Finance Company, and E-Commerce Stores.

Elton Browne – Co-Founder

A retired Aviation Senior Executive who has superbly transitioned to the entrepreneurial world and currently owns and or is a Founding Partner of a Real Estate Investment, Finance Company, and Amazon E-Commerce Stores.

Pearl – Operations


They have 3 cost packages which are gold ($20k), platinum ($30k), and platinum combo ($55k). In the gold package, the profit share is 60/40 in the client’s favor.

In the platinum and platinum combo, the profit share is 70/30 in the client’s favor. The difference between platinum and platinum combo is that the combo comes with 2 stores and therefore they offer a $5k discount.



Other Defunct Agencies

  1. DK Automation – Kevin David


Conclusion and Disclaimer

This is not a comprehensive list. The presence of a company on this list does not represent an endorsement of their services. Nothing in this post should be considered financial advice. You should do your own research and due diligence before making any investment in any company. If you decide to work with any of these agencies we may receive a commission and/or other compensation.



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