How Ecom Circles Extension Transforms Your Amazon and Walmart Sales Strategy

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As an e-commerce seller on Amazon and Walmart, you’re constantly seeking tools that can simplify and enhance your business operations. The Ecom Circles Extension is precisely such a tool.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with both Amazon and Walmart platforms, it offers a suite of features that streamline your selling process.

From providing easy access to UPC codes and item IDs to delivering comprehensive product data and competitive insights, this extension is tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern e-commerce sellers.

It’s a single solution that addresses multiple aspects of online selling, making it an indispensable asset for anyone looking to succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Key Features of Ecom Circles Extension

The Ecom Circles Extension stands out as a robust tool for e-commerce sellers on Amazon and Walmart, thanks to its array of impactful features:

  • Compatible with both Amazon and Walmart​
  • Access to comprehensive Product Data
  • Advanced product insights​​
  • In-built profit calculation
  • Price Tracking and History​​

Each of these features is designed to empower sellers with the information and tools they need to optimize their e-commerce strategies, making the Ecom Circles Extension a comprehensive asset for anyone selling on Amazon and Walmart.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Unlike many tools that are limited to one platform, the Ecom Circles Extension is compatible with both Amazon and Walmart. This compatibility opens up broader opportunities for comprehensive product research and analysis, all in one place​​.

This feature allows you to conduct side-by-side comparisons and analyses of products on both platforms. It is particularly beneficial for pricing strategy optimization, enabling you to identify the most profitable platform for each product​.

This comprehensive compatibility enhances the tool’s utility, making it a valuable asset for sellers operating on both Amazon and Walmart.

Enhanced Product Information Access

Ecom Circles extension product details

The Ecom Circles Extension revolutionizes how sellers access and utilize product information on Amazon and Walmart:

  • Streamlined UPC Code Retrieval: The extension effortlessly pulls UPC data from Amazon and Walmart, eliminating the need to manually search within page source code. This feature is pivotal for efficient listing and product research, as it displays UPC codes on product, category, and search pages​.
  • Detailed Product Insights: Beyond UPC codes, the tool provides an array of essential product details, such as internal product IDs, item IDs, and attributes like color. These insights are available directly from both Walmart and Amazon product pages, offering a holistic view of products. This level of detail is crucial for comprehensive keyword research and discovering items with lower competition​.
  • Instant Access to Additional Information: By simply hovering over item images on Amazon or Walmart category pages, users can quickly view further product details, including dimensions, manufacturer, customer review data, and even estimated monthly sales. This feature not only saves time but also provides a more in-depth understanding of products, aiding in strategic decision-making.

The Ecom Circles Extension thus provides you with a powerful tool to access and analyze detailed product information, streamlining their product research and helping them stay competitive in the dynamic online marketplace.

Competitive Analysis and Market Insight Tools

The Ecom Circles Extension is equipped with features that offer sellers valuable insights into the competitive landscape and market trends on Amazon and Walmart:

  • Marketplace Data Analysis: Sellers can access vital marketplace statistics such as the number of FBA, FBM, or WFS sellers, item rank, and item pricing after Amazon or Walmart fees. This data is crucial for understanding the intensity of competition and gauging the potential for sales in specific market segments​.
  • Seller Landscape Overview: The tool provides insights into whether items are sold and shipped by Amazon or Walmart themselves. This information is key to recognizing if you’re competing directly with these retail giants, which can influence strategy and decision-making​.
  • Opportunity Identification: The Ecom Circles Extension helps identify products with less competition and higher profitability potential by highlighting items with fewer sellers. This aspect of the tool is essential for sellers looking to find niches within the vast e-commerce market​.

Through these features, the Ecom Circles Extension offers you a comprehensive set of tools for conducting in-depth competitive analysis and market research, enabling you to make informed decisions and strategically position your products in the e-commerce marketplace.

Financial Tools for E-Commerce Success

Ecom Extension - WFS Calculator

The Ecom Circles Extension provides crucial financial tools to enhance the profitability and efficiency of e-commerce operations:

  • In-Built Profit Calculator: This feature is a standout, offering an automated way to calculate potential profit, margins, and ROI. It takes into account various factors like cost, selling price, storage fees, and marketplace fees (including FBA and WFS fees). This calculator eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets and manual calculations, providing sellers with instant, accurate financial insights​.
  • Streamlined Financial Decision-Making: By leveraging this tool, sellers gain a comprehensive view of their financial standing for each product. This empowers them to make data-driven decisions about which products to sell and at what price, maximizing their profitability on both Amazon and Walmart.

The Ecom Circles Extension’s financial tools are designed to make the business management aspect of e-commerce more accessible and effective, helping sellers focus more on growing their business and less on the intricacies of financial calculations.

Price Monitoring with Keepa Graphs and Price History

Ecom Circles extension - Wamart seller tool

The Ecom Circles Extension offers advanced features for price monitoring:

  • Keepa Graphs for Amazon Sellers: Sellers on Amazon can access Keepa charts through the extension, offering an in-depth look at price history and changes over time. This feature provides a strategic advantage by allowing sellers to track and analyze price trends, essential for competitive pricing decisions​.
  • Walmart Price History Tracking: Similarly, Walmart sellers benefit from access to Walmart product price history graphs. These graphs are customizable by time frame, enabling sellers to focus on specific data points that are most relevant to their pricing strategy​.

These price monitoring tools offered by the Ecom Circles Extension are crucial for sellers looking to stay ahead in the dynamic pricing landscape of online retail, enabling them to make more informed and strategic pricing decisions.


In conclusion, the Ecom Circles Extension is an invaluable tool for e-commerce sellers on Amazon and Walmart.

Its comprehensive features, ranging from in-depth product information access to advanced price monitoring with Keepa graphs, offer a robust solution for navigating the complexities of online selling.

The extension’s compatibility with both platforms, combined with its financial tools and competitive analysis capabilities, empowers you to make informed, strategic decisions. Embracing this tool can significantly enhance your e-commerce business’s efficiency and profitability.

If you’re looking to elevate your e-commerce business on Amazon and Walmart, we encourage you to explore the potential of the Ecom Circles Extension.

Get started with Ecom Circles Extension and start leveraging these powerful features to transform your online selling journey. The good news is, it is completely FREE for the first 14 days.

This gives you some time to try it out to see if you want to commit to the tool. And trust us, once you start with Ecom Circles Extension, you will never go back.

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