Amazon Removes Personal Shopper Bounty from Associates Program: What Sellers Need to Know 📣

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Big news has just dropped from Amazon, and it’s something all you sellers participating in the Amazon Associates Program should know about.

Effective September 1, 2023, Amazon will be removing the Personal Shopper bounty (fixed fee) from the Associates Program. The reason? The Personal Shopper subscription will no longer be available to customers.

What Does This Mean for Sellers? 🤔

If you were relying on the Personal Shopper bounty as part of your income from the Associates Program, you’ll need to adjust your expectations and possibly look for other avenues within the program to compensate for this change.

This could impact your overall earnings, so it’s something to be aware of.

No Further Action Required 🚫

According to Amazon’s notification, Amazon sellers don’t need to take any further action regarding this update.

If you have questions or concerns, the company advises reaching out to their Support team for clarification.

Here’s What You Need To Do 🛠

While no immediate action is required, this is a good time to review other earning opportunities within the Amazon Associates Program.

If you haven’t diversified your income streams from the program, now is the time to explore other bounties or promotions that may be available.

Amazon is constantly evolving, and changes like these are to be expected. Being aware and staying updated is the key to being successful on any platform, including Amazon.

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