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Amazon Vine Program

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Are you an Amazon Seller looking for a way to garner honest reviews for your products? Well, look no further than the Amazon Vine Program.

This invitation-only program provides a golden opportunity for sellers to collect high-quality reviews from trusted and insightful reviewers known as Vine Voices.

In today’s competitive online marketplace, positive reviews are social proof that can influence potential customers and their purchasing decisions.

So, let’s dive deep into what the Amazon Vine program for sellers entails and how to enroll.

What is the Amazon Vine Program?

Amazon vine program - positive review

The Amazon Vine Program is a product review program where sellers can offer their products for review to a select group known as Amazon Vine Voices.

These Vine Voices are chosen based on their reviewer rank, which reflects the quality and helpfulness of their past reviews to fellow customers.

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Why Reviews Matter?

In the online shopping landscape, product reviews serve as valuable feedback and social proof. They guide potential customers in making informed buying decisions.

Both positive and negative reviews offer valuable insights that can sway a potential buyer’s decision.

How Does It Work?

Once invited to the program, sellers can submit products for review through their Amazon Seller Central account. It’s important to note that Adult products are not eligible for the Vine program.

After submitting the products, Vine Voices can pick them up and write detailed reviews.

Vine Voices are obligated to provide honest opinions about the products they receive.

These are often detailed reviews that offer both positive and negative feedback, providing potential customers with the impartial information they need for informed purchase decisions.

Benefits of Amazon Vine For Sellers

Besides being an avenue for you, as a seller, to get honest reviews about your product, which can sway buyer’s decisions, the Amazon vine program also offers additional benefits.

Credibility Through Honest Reviews

The Vine program guarantees that you receive unbiased reviews from credible sources. These reviews offer practical feedback that not only adds credibility but also helps in refining the product based on genuine customer experience.

Early Reviews for New Products

If you are launching a new product, the Vine program can be a great way to generate initial reviews. These early reviews can provide social proof, attracting more customers to your new offering.

Improved Product Visibility

Products with more and better reviews generally fare better in Amazon’s search algorithm, thus improving your product’s visibility.

Manage Negative Feedback

Vine reviews are often more balanced and offer constructive criticism rather than just negative reviews, helping you manage your online reputation better.

How To Enroll in Amazon Vine?

The Vine program is invitation-only and extends invites based on a seller’s performance metrics and other criteria, which we will discuss in the next section.

Both first-party sellers and professional sellers with a certain seller tier can receive an invitation.

Time of Enrollment and Fees

Upon receiving an invitation, sellers must check the ‘Advertising tab’ in Seller Central for enrollment details.

There are enrollment fees involved, which vary based on your seller tier and the category of the product.

Review Guidelines and Compliance

Amazon has strict review guidelines that Vine Voices are expected to follow. Reviews are usually labeled as “Vine Customer Review of Free Product” to maintain transparency.

Eligibility Criteria and Enrolment Process for Sellers

Before diving in, let’s make sure you’re clear on the eligibility criteria and how to enroll. As a seller, you need to be brand-registered with Amazon.

This is non-negotiable. Your products for review must be new, unused, and listed as Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) offers.

Now, don’t get too excited about flooding Vine Voices with all your products; there’s a limit based on your seller tier. Additionally, each of your listings can’t have more than 30 reviews already.

When it comes to enrollment fees, brace yourself because they exist!

The cost varies depending on the nature of your product. It might seem like a bitter pill to swallow now but think about the quality reviews you stand to gain.

Your review strategy here should focus primarily on providing great products that Vine Voices will want to review positively. Remember though: these reviewers are chosen for their honesty and trustworthiness; they won’t sugarcoat anything!

The actual enrollment process is pretty straightforward. Once eligible, you’ll receive an invite from Amazon directly – Sorry folks, no shortcuts or secret entrances into this exclusive club!

After that? You provide your selected products free of charge to Vine Voices who then create unbiased reviews.

In essence; become brand-registered with Amazon if you aren’t already, ensure your products meet the requirements, and decide if you’re willing to pay those enrollment fees for the potential benefits ahead!

Detailed Breakdown of Seller Tiers and Product Limits

Let’s now delve into the specifics of seller tiers and product limits in this initiative. As you consider the Amazon Vine program for sellers, it’s crucial to understand how these factors can impact your experience.

The program uses a tiered system that determines how many products you can enroll at any given time. Your selling performance and history on Amazon play significant roles in determining your seller tier. The higher your tier, the more products you’re allowed to register.

In terms of product limits, each seller is allocated a certain number of ASINs they can enroll in the Vine program. This limit depends on your seller tier and is reset every week.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Tier One: If you’re new or have limited selling history, you’ll start here. You can typically enroll up to 5 ASINs per week.
  • Tier Two: With consistent sales and positive feedback, you can move up. This tier allows for up to 10 ASINs per week.
  • Tier Three: Reserved for top-performing sellers with an extensive track record of successful sales and stellar customer feedback. Enrollment extends up to 15 ASINs per week.

Key Points to Consider

Detailed vs. Low-Quality Reviews

One of the challenges sellers often face is the issue of fake reviews or low-quality or biased reviews. Vine reviews, by contrast, offer a more reliable and unbiased feedback loop.

Recency of Review and Review Strategy

The timing of reviews can be critical. Newer, more recent reviews often carry more weight, so having a consistent review strategy is crucial.

Product Variations

If you offer multiple product variations, you’ll want to strategize which versions to submit for Vine reviews. This can influence how potential customers perceive the quality and value of your product range.

Customer Insights

Vine Voices often offer practical and insightful reviews that can help you understand your product’s strengths and weaknesses better.

This valuable feedback can be instrumental in product development and improvement.


The Amazon Vine program offers a robust platform for sellers to gain honest and insightful reviews. Although it comes at a cost and specific requirements for sellers, the benefits often outweigh the investment.

From offering an avenue for positive feedback to helping manage negative feedback, the Vine program is an asset for any serious Amazon seller.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or new to Amazon, understanding the intricacies of the Vine program can help you make more informed decisions about your review strategy.

So keep an eye on your Seller Central account and don’t miss out when that invitation comes in!

By taking advantage of this program, you can gain the valuable insights and social proof needed to boost your product’s credibility and, ultimately, your sales.



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